Sunday, November 28, 2010

14 weeks out

Knew I was 14 weeks out, but think I've read my training plan wrong. No harm done, lots of time to get in the right workouts. I had already adjusted one of the workouts because it just seemed to easy. Plus, I'd been doing some Jack Daniels speed workouts to try and sharpen up a little bit of speed for the Boro Dash. Biggest improvement was probably just from the increase in miles. Low 60's for the past two weeks.

The Boro Dash was well represented by those of us in town from our little running group. One overall winner, one first place age group award, a second place and a third place. Not bad for a bunch guys over 40. For a first time event this really turned out well. Champion chip timing for the first 1,000 runners and they ended up with over 1,600. Everything seemed to run smoothly. Only complaints were to be expected, those who didn't get chips, didn't get times. Maybe next year, they can give chips to only those interested in being timed, similar to what they do for the Boulevard Bolt.

Pretty happy with my time for the Dash. Not quite as quick as I would have liked but, it shows that my VDOT has increased to a 50. I should be able to get to a 52 or 53 by the end of this training cycle. Unable to match the fast Wich's pace when he passed me before mile 2. Almost thought I'd be able to reel him back in, but he gapped me by over 30 seconds. I was surprised to beat his brother, BQ1. It wasn't by much, and I didn't even know he was coming.

I did manage to chase down one of the young ladies who passed me just as we crested the rise in front of the basketball arena. They passed me with about 1,200 meters to go. I couldn't match their pace. One went on for the first female and the other is the one I chased down on the track and just barely caught at the line. (picture above)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Start of the new marathon training cycle. March 5th, the Snickers Marathon in Albany, Georgia. This is my first attempt at a sub 3:00 marathon. Never would have even thought the time I had at the Flying Pig marathon would have been possible. It put the 3:00 bubble in my head.

The training program this cycle is going to be a carbon copy of what I used for the Flying Pig, from McMillan. The only modification will be to up the mileage, just a smidgen. I want to average mid 70's, but have every 3rd week or so top out in the low 80's. Also, will increase the pace on some of the key workouts by a smidgen.

Ran this morning, instead of taking the day off. The past 2 weeks my mileage has been in the mid 50's. Want to hit the mid 60's this week and the only way to do that without doubling is to run 7 days a week. I've done it before, but this time if the streak is broken to take a day off to rest, so be it. One thing I've finally figured out is the importance of rest and recovery. Either, slogging the day before a hard workout or the day after one; or just sleeping in and taking a day off. (not really any brainstorm on my part, but rather some things I've read, in print and on line.)

Fun little marathon this weekend in Percy Warner Park. The 5th running of the Flying Monkey Marathon. Trent has done a tremendous job with this marathon. Each year has a different theme, this year is a 60'ish, kinda monkey groovy, laid back, peace, love and lots of hills. I've run this race once, and volunteered once. This year I'm going back to volunteer, plus run the half marathon. (or at least half of the course and whatever it takes to get me back to the starting line).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Be thankful for our veterans and those who continue to serve in our armed forces.