Rocket City1997AlabamaDNSITB band
Blue Angel 1998Florida3:49
Rocket City 1998Alabama3:49
Kiawah Island 1999South Carolina4:00 Calf strain
Dallas White Rock 2000Texas3:30
Kansas City 2000 Kansas DNF Achilles
Austin2001 Texas 3:23 left gels at start
Austin 2002 Texas 3:39 wore flats
Country Music 2003 Tennessee 3:33 heat and hills
Chicago 2003 Illinios 3:40 dehydration
Mid South 2004 Arkansas 3:37 dehydration
Rocket City 2004Alabama3:17Boston Qualifier
Boston 2005 Massachusetts 4:10 fueling
Flying Monkey 2008 Tennessee 3:50hills
Flying Pig 2009 Ohio 3:05 out to fast
Snickers 2011 Georgia DNF shoes
Greenway 2011 Tennessee 4:49 hills, cold
Rocket City 2011 Alabama 3:33 crash and burn
Flying Monkey 2012 Tennessee 4:05 out ran my fitness

This list comes from a post about my marathon mistakes. It was before my 3rd attempt at a sub 3:00 hour marathon at Rocket City. The first attempt was a DNF at Snickers.

When I ran my first marathon in 1996, Boston wasn't even a thought. Over the next several years I chased after that Boston Qualifying time, obsessed?. It wasn't until 2004 when I finally got the qualifier. After that the goal was to run a 3:10, the qualifying time when I first started chasing after Boston.

In 2009 I ran a 3:05 at the Flying Pig marathon and felt a sub 3:00 was possible.Over the years I've thought it would be cool to run in all 50 states. I've pretty well given up on that over the last several years as I've been chasing a sub 3:00.

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