Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Elevation profile corrected from RunningAhead
Elevation profile from Garmin
Tried out the elevation correction feature on RunningAhead's workout import feature. Looks really good, about the way I'd picture the actual hill versus the noise from the Garmin software. Hit the lap button at the start of each repeat to see how long the hill was, .18 of a mile or 289.68 meters. Surprised that I actually went sub 8:00 up the hill. I do my hill repeats at a moderate effort. These were a solo effort. BQ1 ran over with me, but did short hill repeats at the top where the hill is the steepest. I did the "long" side, from telephone pole to telephone pole. Thought they were about a quarter mile. Probably is from the bottom to the top. Even when we have a group doing hill repeats, everyone is running at different effort levels. I do prefer the long repeats to the shorter ones. Four was plenty for my first time back in a couple of years.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Won the lottery

Told the wife that and she said, wow, how much? No, not that lottery the Monkey lottery.* Her response, "big deal". Oh well. Glad to know that I got back in. This will be the 3rd for me. This time I'll actually train. Plan on running hill repeats tomorrow. Though I'll have to go back and see how much hill work I did in the past.

It's not like I didn't train at all the last two times. The monkey course is just a beast. Usually when I'm able to double the 11.2 at around a 7:30 pace, I know I'm in pretty good shape. It's been awhile. This time I'll be chasing that elusive 3:30 time again. Easy enough only a 8:00 mile pace. The soul crushing part for me is hitting mile 19 and climbing up nine mile hill. That's the part I have to prepare for. Trent's probably right, you can't train for the monkey.

*Believe this is the second year for the lottery to enter the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, in Percy Warner Park, Nashville, TN. Roughly 300 spots.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random running

No heat acclimation for me this year. In years past, the evening speed workouts in the 90's would help. Nothing this year, except the normal early morning run. The mid 70's and humidity just combine to kick my ass. Decided this morning's workout I'd just try and hang on behind the guys when they started their 50 minutes worth of tempo pace. After all they did decide to run it on one of our hillier courses. Usually its in the fall and we have a little bit more of a base.

Forgot to start the GPS until around mile 2+. Oops. Strangely the map shows the distance and route? Felt pretty good, but didn't do the 50 minutes worth, probably only 5 miles worth before the last hill sucked most of the life out of me. Did have to try and keep the youngster in sight because he didn't know the course. He missed the last turn but the course is still about the same going either direction for the last couple of miles home.

Saw a few things over the last several days where I just have to shake my head. Tights in the summer, ok you've got fat/flabby legs, but into the big box store with shorts over the top for a guy? Or wearing your race bib into the local big box store? Fuel belts for your 2 mile run / walk on the greenway? I really can't say much I'm wearing my calf sleeves as I type this, if I had to run to the store, I'd leave them on, but at least throw on a track suit to cover them up. Not that I give a shit what anyone thinks, but the better half is clearly bothered by some of my choices in clothing.

Done with the Jack Daniels workouts I've been doing for the last 8 weeks. Yesterday's Fenton Payne or last week's Smyrna 5k were to be the test of fitness after that buildup. Didn't sigh up for either on. Endurance is pretty decent. Leg speed is in the crapper. I doubt a 20:00 5k is even doable at this time. Should I be lucky enough to get into the Flying Monkey Marathon I'll continue down the marathon training path. Otherwise, I'm kinda in limbo. I'll keep the base going, but other than that. Who knows.

 Lot's of little niggles lately, but the pain in my big toe after an easy run had me baffled.

A little web search gave me this link.

"Big toe pain is classic myofascial pain where the muscles get knots in them that refer pain elsewhere. The knots are called trigger points and have to be broken up in order for the pain to subside which you can easily do on yourself with trigger point massage."

"The trigger point causing big toe pain is in the lower back of the calf. The trigger point will be incredibly painful so massage it as much as you can and the pain should subside"

It worked, really need to buy one of those books.