Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ten pounds

May try and lift one of these, instead of carrying it on my belly.

Time to get back to the running. The shoulder has almost completely healed. Still sore after a run, more so on the bike. The range of motion is back 100%. Just can’t pick up anything of any weight. Typing on the computer all day long aggravates it as well.

Never realized how much extra effort is needed to push those extra pounds. I’d been pretty lucky on not gaining any weight when I wasn’t running. But, the combination of only a couple of runs and eating way more processed food than normal packed on close to ten pounds in the last two weeks.

I’d been pretty good, up until we went on vacation. Only managed to get one run on vacation and it was tough, eighty degrees and a ocean breeze. Didn’t follow the lemmings and run barefoot on the beach.

This morning I attempted to pick up the pace and my old long run pace felt almost like a tempo effort. Ugh. I thought the heat was what had been slowing me down. That, plus the lack of running.

Also, reinforced the notion that most runners are pretty healthy and don’t get any sympathy when they tell someone they’ve put on a few pounds. I know when a fellow runner complains they’ve put on weight, most of the time it’s only obvious to them. Same for me.

Props to the Big Horse. He’s run 8 straight sub 3:00 marathons at 200 plus pounds. Simply amazing. I’ve been following his blog since he went sub 3:00 at the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011


Yesterday was my first day back running. (4 weeks since my accident) Planned on only going 2 miles when I headed out the door. Once I got going , I rationalized that I'd already been walking 4 miles every day, might as well run that far. Ended up running 5 miles. Shoulder wasn't that sore while I was running. Actually more arm swing when I was walking. Even though my pace was slower than my typical ultra shuffle, I still managed to work up a sweat. Felt great to get the heart rate elevated. Sure wasn't getting that from walking.

Today I got back on the bike. Little discomfort at first but tolerable. Shoulder was more sore on the bike than from the run. Only managed a little more than 10 miles. Rode past the locked gate and kept on going. Easy to see what kind of speed I was going when I hit the ground. Probably at least 20 mph. Wouldn't think that would be enough speed to break something?

Pretty certain I broke the hamate in my right hand. Doctor looked at it on my last visit, but I didn't get it x-rayed again. They said it wasn't broken when they took the x-ray in the ER. It's still pretty sore. Not much they can do for it anyway. Still can't figure out how it hit the pavement.

Monday, June 6, 2011

four miles

It sure does seem like a long way when you're walking. I plan to walk 4 miles each day this week. Did 5 miles yesterday, guess I'll consider that my long walk. One big problem with the walking is the time involved. I'm back to pretty much full stride walking, now that I'm trying to let my arm swing on the injured side. It takes me about 18 minutes to walk a mile, about double the amount of time it takes to slog the same distance.

Still just isn't the same as running. Four miles running works up a decent sweat when its this hot. Walking hardly any sweat and I'm out for at least 72 minutes. At least in the morning, before the rises up to much. Going to have to start waking earlier, to get back to the house. It has been nice to sleep in every morning, even if it is only until 5 am. (silly dogs think its time to get up)

May attempt a run on Thursday. It will be 4 weeks. Doctor said that would be about when I could resume running. It'll probably take a few days of walking to break up the scar tissue and soreness in my shoulder.

Got an email last week from the Rocket City Marathon. Seems real early to start thinking about a fall marathon. But, that's less than 6 months away. Three months to get back into a running base and then a 3 month marathon training cycle. Seems doable. Wonder if it'd be a stretch to think a sub 3:00 would be possible. Really kind of like to break 3:00 before I turn 5o. Clock is ticking.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

training wheels

Guys at work thought I might need these before I get back on the bike again.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Piles of cicadas

It appears the onslaught of cicadas is starting to taper off. They've been so thick in places, that the piles were deeper than most of the snow falls we get around here. Least it seemed that way from the one's blown up against the interstate dividing walls. One of our dogs likes to eat them and the others are scared of them. They were attracted to the noise of my saw this weekend when I was cutting up some wood. Pretty freaky when they would swarm around me while the saw was buzzing.

Week 3 in waiting for my collar bone to heal. I've been walking so I don't go completely crazy from not running. It's not the same, but it's better than nothing. Stopped bringing the dogs because they're to slow. I did find out the other day, how much movement is enough to aggravate my shoulder. Didn't realize how much motion is in the arm swing when walking. Running would add even more directions of movement. Crap.

Haven't really gained much weight, only about 5 pounds. The walks help some, but mostly I've cut back on portions. The appetite just isn't as great, as when I'm running. Did start back drinking coffee during the day at work since my injury. Once, I get back to running I'll cut that out and just go back to the one cup in the morning.