Thursday, October 29, 2009

Starting over

I've started back running. So far, its only been a couple runs for a couple of miles. Easing back slowly. The build up in endurance and speed is a long slow process. I hope to be in marathon shape come spring time. Just glad to be back running.

Thinking about Dad the other day on the way to work. Something about the bright sun and the orange, gold and red sugar maple leaves. Couldn't remember exactly what day he died. Went back and dug out the old daytimers. (pocket sized calendar, you wrote in with a pen or pencil). Single entry on October 30, 1990. "Dad passed away".

I've spoiled the dogs. During my recovery, I've been walking the dogs every morning. Not much, just about a mile. Probably pretty entertaining, to watch. The yorkie, Lance with his little short legs can't hardly keep up. Harley, must be a hunter; he pulls the whole way, like he's on the trail of something. Guess, I'll have to make extra time to squeeze those guys in for a walk, once I'm completely back to running every day.

Got one more ride in on my bike last weekend. Really enjoy the bike, but its such a pain to navigate the walkers, runners, dogs and kids on the greenway. Went home via the back streets. Only went 13 miles round trip, but the hamstrings were super tight the next day. It would be nice to get a good ride in the country before the leaves have fallen off the trees completely.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Side lined

Still not running. Dylan and I went to the MTSU game on Saturday. It was cold, not so much the temperature probably mid 40's but the wind. I dressed accordingly and was comfortable. Dylan stayed warm by running around the whole game. Highlight of the day is when the kids go down on the field after the game and play on the fake grass.

MTSU looked terrible. The couldn't keep a sustained drive and only managed 2 field goals. Defense couldn't stop the run. But, at least they've won a couple of games this year. Their season isn't in a complete shambles. Unlike the Titans, whose best scenario now it to continue to lose all of their games and get Tebow in the first round.

The Titans looked pitiful. Hard to believe those guys get paid to play football. Kerry Collins couldn't get any help from his receivers, so he got sloppy and threw a couple of interceptions. The reverse before they pulled Collins was a joke. Looked like HS kids. Mistakes and lousy play at every opportunity for the Titans. Chris Johnson had a couple of decent runs, but they couldn't even capitalize on them. To bad they couldn't just call it a skunk at the half and be done with it.

I watched way to long, but finally turned it off sometime in the second half after Vince come into the game and threw his first pass for an interception. But, not until White (?) coughed up a fumble. Think it was the 5th Titan turnover. Geez the Titans usually force the turnovers. Sloppy field and nasty day, they should have had at least one turnover.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Really feels like fall now. Let the dogs out this morning and got a blast of cold air in my face. Marathon season..................Week 2 of no running for me. The sleeping in only lasted the first week. Granted I'm not getting up at the 3:30 am, but only sleeping in until 5:30 am. Have to get my run fix by either: biking, weights or surfing the net.

Biking has only happened once. The rain has been the biggest obstacle. I'm not hard core enough of a bike rider to ride in the rain. Plus, about the only time to squeeze in a bike ride is right at dawn and then the window before work isn't very long. Could ride on the trainer, but hate to ruin a perfectly good tire on the trainer and it really sucks anyway.

Weights have always been a staple of my workout week anyway. I just seem to be neglecting lately. Easy enough to get at least two workouts in a week. Doubt it'll keep the beer gut away, but at least the arms won't get all jiggly. Need to do some more surfing to find out if beer really does affect the absorption of calcium. Stress fracture connection? Hmmmmm. I really hate to give up my beer. I have started to supplement more calcium, just in case.

Another good indication that fall has arrived, the Bell Buckle Web School craft festival is this weekend. Hope the rain is done by then.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


What would I have done differently? Well, the only thing that comes to mind is maybe not doing a long run the day after a race.(it was only 13.6 miles) I've hurt myself in the past that way. Or maybe not doing speedwork 3 days after the race? Or doing 74 miles for the week. Who knows. But, it appears I have a stress fracture in the 3rd metatarsal. New injury for me. Not a stress fracture but in that location. I've been running with some discomfort for the last couple of weeks, but didn't really think much of it. It wasn't until the last couple of workouts, where it took more than a day to recover from a simple workout that I knew something wasn't right.

Right now I haven't run since last Sunday. It seems like an eternity. The running streak ended at 229 days. Can't say that it contributed to the injury, but perhaps it did, or maybe it was the increase in mileage?

Being injured is frustrating. Especially, because I can't really pinpoint one particular action that caused the injury. Perhaps, its the culmination of several factors. Regardless, I don't know of much to do differently, other than ease back into training after a race. The race shouldn't have taken much out of me. It was only a 10k. Warmed up for a couple of miles. Ran hard but didn't really seem like a race effort, more of a hard tempo workout and then a couple of miles of cooldown.