Old man

Why do I run? Quick answer, its "me time". Really started off as a new years resolution for 1989, the year Darrell was born. I quit smoking on December 11, 1988 after my last exam of the semester at MTSU. Dad was a runner, so why not. My first race was the "Rudolph Run" December 1993. I ran a 22:40. Still have the stocking hat from that race.

11 Random things about me.
  1.  Lisa's blog got me started blogging a couple of years ago. 
  2.  I'm an Air Force brat. Dad was a Major in the Air Force. 
  3.  I was in the Army Reserve for 6 years, enlisted. 
  4.  First car was a 1965 Ford Fairlane I owned a motorcycle for a few years, before I got tired of riding in the cold. It was Kawasaki 750. 
  5.  I've dabbled in stained glass, water colors and photography. 
  6.  No way I'm giving up my beer or meat. No crazy diets for me. 
  7.  I take a multi-vitamin every day. Maybe it helps, maybe not. 
  8.  I'm 50 years old 
  9.  Fan of tattoo's. 
  10.  Only 5 pounds heavier than in High School, but an inch taller. 
  11.  Love old cars and motorcycles.

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