Thursday, October 30, 2008


Didn't really do a recovery run last night. Supposed to run 8 miles easy with EB, but she pulled me the entire way, right around marathon pace. Not a tough workout, able to talk the entire time, instead of just during the warmup or cooldown like usual. Paid for it 10.5 hours later this morning on my tempo run with Speedy and FM2.

Decided ahead of time to do 2 miles warmup before the 6 miles of tempo work. Really nice to be able to talk for the first 2 miles, instead of breathing like a old locomotive. Hadn't seen FM2 in quite awhile, so had some catching up to do. Between the two of them it was decided I'm pretty much a big *(family blog). I'm ok with that. I do train hard, but just not at the same level as those two.

Tempo workout was difficult this morning. First mile wasn't bad, but the second mile up and down Compton was tough. The pace wasn't the issue, but the oncoming traffic and the shoulder of the road. Lots of cars for 4:30 in the morning. Never could get a good rhythm going. Slowest mile of the six. Better once we got off that road into the sub-division. Lots of small climbs on this route. Should have stopped for a nature break, but didn't. Gutted out the tempo work with a average pace of 6:50. Not bad, but 5-10 seconds from where I wanted. It was about all I could muster this morning.

Felt really odd when I got home. Body was itchy all over and had hives on my legs and arms. Kinda strange, I've had some kind of rosacea on my chest before, after a workout. Felt really light headed and lips were numb as well. Felt 100% better once I ate a little bit of breakfast. Usually only get that kind of feeling when I'm dehydrated.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Titans fan, yes: tights, not so much

Slept in on Monday, it was a scheduled day off. Went back out to the gravel on the new Barfield connector trail, on Sunday. They have gravel from the start all the way to the bridge. It's the smooth gravel, pea size or smaller and packed down with the heavy rolling machine. I wouldn't mind having about 10 miles worth of this kind of trail, but it's only 2 miles worth so far. Tried to run some of the trail, way to muddy. Took a half mile to get the extra 20 pounds off my shoes.

I'm pretty much a fair weather Titans fan. I watch most of the games. Stayed up and watched the entire Monday night game, that's a first.(least in the last year, since I've been getting up at 3:30 am to get in my runs). Titans didn't look bad, couple of dropped passes, never did get the running game going. Had just enough for the Colts.

Sure made getting up the next morning difficult. Knew it was going to be cold, around 38 degrees and windy. Finally got out of bed at 5:30 am. Started out the door so late, the roads were clogged with rush hour traffic. Ran down to the greenway for my workout. Did the second set of Yasso 800's. Hadn't really planned on using them this cycle. It was just a last second change of plan last week. I didn't get on the track, so decided to do 4 x 800 meters on the road instead. This week I did 6 x 800 meters, I only used a 1:30 recovery. Kinda gun shy of this workout. I got achilles tendonitis 7-8 years ago on repeat #8 about 6 weeks out from my goal marathon. (DNF at Wichita at mile 16) Split times were surprising. I was targeting 3:15 and the first came in at 3:08. The greenway is only marked every quarter, so I wasn't watching my time, just hitting the button at the end. Typically when I look at the watch at 400 meters, I'll slow or speed up to much. Times held between 3:08 and 3:10 for the remaining 800's. The last came in at 3:15, just about the right number of repeats. Next week I'll go for 8, with maybe a little more recovery.

My rule of thumb in the past has been the tights don't come on until the temperature gets below 32 degrees. I've relaxed that the last couple of years to factor in the wind. I've got 2 different types of tights, the loose fitting and the skin tight. Tuesday morning I went with the skin tight. Glad I had them on, comfortable for the warmup and cooldown and not unbearably warm for the speed work. The thing about the tights is the chafing on the inner leg. Usually just on long runs, not on issue on Tuesday. I did pick the wrong gloves, they were to warm for the speed work. Almost should have had 2 pairs, a lighter pair for the speed workout and the heavier pair for the warmup and cooldown.

Looking at the log for the year and I'm trending towards 2,700 miles for the year. That's quite a jump in mileage from previous years. Most miles in a year was 1,913 in 2001. That was one of my big Boston qualifying pushes. Didn't make it. Pretty certain I've been pretty smart about the increased miles this year. I've backed off when something hurts. The soft surface runs are a tremendous help. This marathon cycle I've completed 2, 18 mile runs and 4, 20 mile runs. Next weekend is a 14 miler at real marathon pace and then a final 20 miler or 18 miler the following week. 18 miles two weeks out and then taper, sounds like a good plan. After all I'm not racing the monkey, just participating. Should I still feel the urge for a fast marathon, Rocket City is a short drive and 3 weeks later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 weeks to go and a day

Marathon doubts are starting to creep in. I haven't run a marathon since Boston in 2005. Trained for one in 2006, but didn't make it to the starting line. This training cycle was mostly twice a week speed workouts, hills and scheduled six twenty milers. I'm almost certain that's the most I've ever done. One big thing I've overlooked this cycle is the mid week long run. That, plus I've cut back on the recovery runs from eight miles to five miles.

First started questioning my training this cycle after talking to J. He ran a 3:08 in Hartford, CT on two twenty milers. But, he had about 70 miles per week. My mileage has only been around 55 to a high of right at 60 miles. Then this thread showed up on the Strider board. I wouldn't call it a myth. The twenty miler is a necessity for the marathon, two is a minimum. Not that you can't run a marathon if you don't run any twenty milers. It just makes the last six miles manageable.

I have been the victim of running my 20 milers to fast in training. Back a few years ago when I was training for a 3:15, my Boston Qualifying time at that age, most of my 20 milers were right at a 7:30 pace. The alternating weekends, I would run 10-15 miles at marathon pace, roughly 7:15 miles. Never did qualify with that training. Looking back, probably over trained by the time I got to the line for the goal marathon.

Well this mornings scheduled 20 miler was reduced to a 18 miler by design. Asked Speedy yesterday, if he would pace me through 11 miles at 7:30 pace on Spain Hill. We finished with a average of 7:26, first part played perfectly. The rest of the run was just to get the 18 miles. Went out at 8:00 miles, but that only lasted for 3 miles and a nature break. Took way to long on the break and the feet were lead starting back. Slogged home the remaining 4 miles. I'll call it a successful workout, actually felt good when I finished, versus feeling wiped out after a typical 20 miler.

Don't know if I'm in the same shape as when I ran my marathon PR of 3:17 in 2004 at Rocket City. I am down about 5 pounds. Never really thought I'd get those pounds off. Almost feel like I'm in better shape, but the long runs seem to be getting tougher. Depending on how the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon goes, I may have to go to Huntsville and run Rocket City, one more time. I'd really like to run a 3:15, and I'm almost in that kind of shape.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ultra slow

Another slow run this morning. I use the same route for my recovery runs since I stopped going to the golf course. Pace is the same on either course. Can't justify driving to and from the golf course for a 5 mile run. Stopped doing the 8 milers, that was getting way to monotonous. The current route is from the house out to Miller Coliseum. The road use to be gravel by the horse corrals, they put tar and gravel down, which is a step below the smooth surface of asphalt. I run on the shoulder on what's left of the gravel. Only about a half mile of true gravel road is left. But, it's a soft surface for about 2 miles.

Fair or really just a carnival is coming to the 'boro. They've set up in the back gravel parking lot of the Miller Coliseum. According to the website it's the Middle Tennessee Fair from October 22-26. Funny, haven't seen a thing about it in the news. At least not on the Murfreesboro's Post website. They stopped delivering to my house long ago, and I don't read the DNJ/Daily News Journal.

The pace I ran this morning is what I've come to call the ultra shuffle. It's a pace that would get me through a 50k at least. Hopefully a 50 miler, which I've really started to have second thoughts about. Sure hope I don't get reduced to that at the monkey. I've run or biked every section except for the mile or so of the start of the course. The race director has managed to get every hill in Percy Warner included in the 26.2 and just for fun, you get to do the main drive in both directions. I've only been out to PWP twice in the last couple of months. I'll just enjoy the course, time is secondary. Realistically, 3:30 is doable. I figure about 10 minutes extra time to my best marathon time. Don't know if I'm in quite the same shape or not. Speed wise yes, endurance is where I have the doubts. Oh, and all of those pesky little hills. Either climbing or descending, only flat section is the start. Climbing is ok, it's the descending that beats the crap out of my quads and hammy's

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

diggin' the dirt

Sundays run was on the dirt and gravel trails of the new Barfield / Old Fort Parkway connecting trail. The bridge across the Stones River is finished for the most part. I was able to get 9.5 miles of nothing but dirt and gravel. Great crisp fall morning. Waited until almost 7 am to start running, to let the sun start coming up so I wouldn't twist my ankle. Legs were chilly to start, could have worn tights, but glad I didn't. The legs warmed up after a mile or so.

This was the first time I'd run across the river. They are putting up 3 new pavilion's and restroom facilities about a quarter mile from the river crossing. Looks like its off of Stoney Meadow Drive. Not much site work has been done on the trail on this side of the river. The erosion control fencing is in place and the trail marked up until the fork in the Stones River and another creek. I lost the trail over by Barfield Road and parallel to another creek. The trail quickly turned into knee deep ruts from the "boys and their toys". Did run parallel to the creek on one section of exposed limestone for about a quarter mile which had been worn smooth, almost road like. This looks like the creek that runs through Barfield Crescent Park. Didn't make it that far, got within a mile or so.

Don't know if they will continue working on the trail this winter. Either way, the completion is still over a year away. Should be able to enjoy the dirt for quite some time. Just have to be careful when deer season opens up. Last time I was on the trail someone camped out in a cornfield. Sunday, met a pickup coming out of the woods. Lots of deer. Saw lots of tracks in the dirt.

Monday I slept in and took a day off from running. Tried to get into work early but an accident on I-24 botched that effort.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

5 more weeks

Catch up week with training. Only 5 weeks until the Monkey. Total of 61 miles for the week. Up from the cruise week of 21 miles because last weeks long run was on Sunday and counts on this week. Plus this mornings long run. Friday I was still sore from the tempo workout on Thursday. Just did an easy 5 miler on Friday. Legs were still tight this morning or maybe it was the 47 degrees? Took a mile for them to warm/loosen up. I did 14 miles at Spain Hill, starting at 5:30 am. The sun didn't start coming up until around mile 6. Wanted to run at marathon pace, but came it at monkey marathon pace instead, 8:00 mile average pace. I must relax to much without Speedy pulling me through. Nice morning, cool enough for gloves and my beanie hat for my ears. Plus, the sugar maples were bright orange and some leaves are starting to fall. Fall is in the air. Temperature was still right at 47 degrees when I finished. This is my favorite time of the year for running. Probably even jump in the hot tub this evening with a beer.

Reason for starting so early this morning was the Bell Buckle Craft Festival or really the 32nd Annual Webb School Arts and Crafts Festival. We've been going every year since we moved back to Tennessee. It's always been a must do every year. Probably been going off and on since the late 80's. Darrell was born in 1989, so at least that long ago. This year Paula's sisters family rode down in the van with us. We met her folks at the festival. This year, I decided to bring a chair. Nothing I really want to see. I just like the food. This trip it was the fried bologna sandwich, white beans and cornbread and a tenderloin biscuit. Dylan had some chicken on a stick. Paula only got some of the coated almonds and some kind of pumpkin Halloween decoration.

Always lots of good folksy crafts. This year I really liked the metal works. Especially the flying pigs. I didn't even look at any of the art this year. I sat in my chair watched the boys and the crowds. Lots of people bring dogs. Usually just the smaller ones. One women had a lab, with a harness with a small bag on one side and a pocket on the other for her water, very cool. Listened to the band play quite a few Beatle songs, and a couple of other oldies. Just 2 guys on guitar and a drummer. Weather was perfect, lots of sun, little cool, little wind. Kind of weather were a sweathshirt is comfortable, but a jacket is to much.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

it's over

Watched the debate last night. Didn't change my mind on my vote. Which isn't a vote for the candidate but a vote against the other candidate. The commentators following the debate summed it up pretty well. Obama showed he is presidential, McCain is just a bitter old man. He didn't use Palin to her full potential and she's costing him votes now. Hopefully we only get 4 years worth of Obama, and don't slide into a depression.

Hate to even bring up the election. Politics is one topic I usually avoid. This morning Speedy was the only one talking and that didn't last long, most of the time I was to far off his shoulder to hear. I was breathing like a freight train for the most part. I did get a good rhythm going from mile 2 through 5 or 6, before it got to be work to maintain pace.

Speedy pulled me through a tempo workout this morning. I wanted 8 miles, which we got in 57:06. Plan from my standpoint was a two mile warmup, 4-6 miles of tempo and a couple miles of cooldown. But, it was his workout so I told him I'd just hang as long as I could. It was an easy day for him, so he wanted 8 miles under 7:00. First mile was 7:10, so much for a warmup. Next 2 miles were at 6:38, then a 6:39, a 6:43 and finished with a 6:47. Last mile was a push, but doable. Hacked up some of the cigars on these miles. Speedy just glides when he runs. This morning I was chasing the entire way, his splits were completely different than mine. He'd ease up when I started to gap, but according to my splits, I kept a pretty even pace. All in all, a pretty darn good workout. Six miles of quality tempo, I counted the 7:10 first mile, which wasn't really a warmup as it was a jump into pace. Easy 2 miles home were pedestrian, Speedy circled back around 2-3 times and I still couldn't stay with him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ports of call

wrestling boys at Cozumel

This cruise had only 2 ports of call. The first was Grand Cayman. This was our second trip to this island. Paula and I had stopped here on our first cruise 17 years ago. On that cruise we did the island tour. This time we took a tender from the cruise ship anchored off shore to the island. We were only in this port from around 10 am until 3 pm.

We only did one excursion, the Pirate encounter. It's geared toward the kids, with some rum punch for the adults. (they did tie up two moms to the mast of the ship, funny stuff) The pirate ship was about the size of a tug boat, but it looked like a pirate ship should. The captain and his crew, dressed and played the parts of pirates, to the point where they made one little boy cry. It was all in fun, they made all of the kids take an oath to be a pirate and made them scrub the deck. The captain anchored the ship just off shore after circling around the cruise ships and firing their miniature cannon a few times. The cannon was pretty authentic looking and took a shotgun shell with a loud bang that made everyone jump 3 feet every time they fired.

The pirate encounter only lasted a couple of hours. We swam for a an hour after the kids scubbed the deck. The rum punch didn't seem like it had much rum, I drank about 6 to get my money's worth. On the way back to the dock, I went for one more refill as the pirates were mixing the batch for the next trip. He was filling the container with 2 fifth's of rum. He fulled my cup with straight rum. Needless to say the rest of the day I was one happy tourist. The rest of the time on the island was spent shopping. Not me, the girls mostly. I smoked a cigar and watched the boys.

Cozumel was the second port of call. Paula and I had been to this port on the last cruise as well. The ship docked directly at the pier at Cozumel and we were able to walk off the ship. Longer day in port, from 8 am until 7:30 pm. But the ship actually left the dock at 7:20. Way to much shopping, Paula and her sister had to look in every shop. Tim and I entertained ourselves with 2 Corona's for $3 and me with another cigar. Boys bought some wrestling masks and the locals seemed to get a kick out of them.

We took a taxi from the pier to Paradise Beach. It was about 10 kilometers away. We spent the rest of the afternoon, swimming, climbing a inflatable rock wall, kayaking and snorkeling. They also had a coconut tree to climb, the boys did that as well. Nice way to spend the afternoon. Paula got way to much sun, even though she did put on some sunscreen. Regret not bringing a disposable underwater camera for the snorkeling. This is my idea of the way to spend vacation, hanging out at the beach taking it easy.

No run today, slept in until 6 am.

Boys on the pirate ship before we left the dock

"what's this ?"

Boys scrubbin' the deck

Boys climbing the coconut trees at Paradise Beach

Dylan and me kayaking at Paradise Beach

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here's a scary picture, self portrait, Old Man at sunrise

Big cigar fan. Doesn't help my running. Actually can tell the effects of the cigar on my speed workouts. Yet, I can't resist a good cigar. Most training cycles I abstain from smoking. Smoked 2 cigars on the cruise vacation. One in each of the ports of call. Supposedly they were "Cubans", no big deal, smoked the same as any other good cigar. One great thing about smoking a cigar is the buffer zone it creates. Most people are offended by the cigar smoke, thus the buffer.

Didn't get any pictures of myself or the cigars, but my sister law did. Sure looked liked I was enjoying myself. Must have been the rum. As an ex-smoker, cigarette smoke really bothers me. Really was bothersome in the on board casino of the cruise ship. Seems like everyone was smoking.

Can't blame the cigars on my pitiful speed workout this morning. Think it was more likely due to no speed work last week and the lack of miles and only 4 runs. Ran a total of 8 miles, all before sun up. Speed workout was the usual 12 x 200 meters with 200 meters of rest. Times were 2-3 seconds off of my last effort.

Incident in our neighborhood(Man injured when dragged by truck), got me thinking about early morning runs. I use to always wear a reflective vest when I ran before sun up. It hasn't been but the last couple of years that I stopped and only because the vest had become so threadbare. So, this morning I carried my red blinky light from the bike. Seen another runner the last few weeks with one on the back of his hand, with some kind of strap. I've also seen someone else wear one on the back of their shorts.

Monday, October 13, 2008

cruise food

No food pictures, Dylan and the "walrus" towel creation in our cabin

Food and lots of it. If you're hungry on a cruise, you must be a real picky eater. Granted its not gourmet food, but it is good. I ate omelets every morning, compared to my normal breakfast of yogurt and granola. Lunch and dinner were experiments in whatever looked good and if it wasn't, going back to try something else. I really counted on gaining a couple of pounds, but didn't. Not because I'd be pigging out, but because of less runs and less volume. Only ran 3 times on the ship for 5 miles each time and once before we left for a whopping 21 miles for the week. Did weights twice. Would have run on the treadmill on the ship, but they require a shirt in the workout room. Geez, I sweated like a pig for the short time lifting weights, no way I was going to do 40-45 minutes on the dreadmill.

Ate lots of fish, broiled, fried and baked. Dylan and I had lobster on one of the nights we ate in the main dining room. Lots of different desserts. That's one item where I overindulged. Each night, they would have at least 3 different desserts. I tried them all, each night. We never made it to the midnight buffet, that probably would have packed on some pounds, eating that late and then going to bed. We did stay up each night way past my usual bed time. No montezuma revenge issues with the cruise food. We didn't eat at any of the ports of call. Only one meal went through me and drained my entire digestive tract, but only before tying it up in knots. That was a mexican dinner the day before we left in Tampa.

The kids pretty much ate the same thing every meal. Pizza or hamburger, plus, ice cream or frozen yogurt. Ryan was eating ice cream before every meal, and the little boys were trying to keep up with him. Dylan did try some sushi. I thought it was pretty good. I had a few of the octopus, mahi mahi and spicy mackerel. Dylan tried the octopus and spicy mackerel and didn't like it at all.

The cruise line makes up for all of the food you eat, by charging you for cokes/sodas and all alcohol. Every day is a new "fun" drink with a souvenir glass for $6.75. I didn't drink on the ship, just the ports of call. The servers were everywhere, no excuse for not having a drink if you wanted one. Dylan caught on real quick with getting the servers to bring him another coke. Thought he was big stuff.

The 3 runs on the ship were on the upper deck "track". Eleven laps equaled one mile. It was the kind of track that is rubberized. The first day I gave up counting after 5 laps and just ran for 43 minutes. The turns were tight and the straights couldn't have been more than 50 meters long. I ran after the sun was up and it was probably already 70-80 degrees. I would have actually preferred the treadmill, only because the wind was so brisk and the turns were so tight. The next 2 times I counted the laps, 5 x 11. Good thing for the Ipod. The open ocean doesn't change much and dodging the walkers isn't much entertainment. Most of the walkers would walk the outer perimeter, except for a few who wouldn't budge from the inside lane.

This morning I ran 5 miles easy on the road and gravel, plus lifted some weights. Sure is different from the 5 miles on the ship. Even though the sun didn't come up until I'd already finished 3 miles, the time went by a lot quicker. Didn't even have my Ipod, it ran out of juice about the same time I did on my long run on Sunday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Dylan and his cousin, Ryan dock side in Cozumel

Lots to blog about the cruise. Running on the road/cruise ship, driving 10+ hours, food, ports of call, gambling, snorkeling, pictures, rum, pirates, cigars.............

We left for Tampa at 1:30 am on Sunday morning. According to Mapquest, 682 miles in 10 hours. We drove the van and Paula's sister followed in their car. Starting early in the morning is my preferred way to travel long distance with the kids. Hopefully you're able to get lots of miles and time down the road before the kids wake up and start the how "long till we get there", "I've got to pee", or "I'm hungry". We only made three stops on the way down and were able to combine them into bathroom breaks, food breaks and gas fill-ups. Trip down went very well. We arrived in Tampa around 2:00 pm. (Darrell stayed home, he had class)

Trip home seemed to take forever. We got off the ship around 8:30 am, Saturday morning (yesterday) jumped in the car and started driving. Made it home just before 8:00 pm. That was a long day on the road.

What are the odds of Paula and her sister booking the same hotel I stayed in on one of my 2 trips to Tampa, over 7+ years ago? They were remodeling some of the upper floors. We were able to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium from our room. The picture I took of Paula and Dylan on the balcony, you can't really see the stadium. Boys were able to swim in the pool after we got back from a trip to the dock to see where everything was for our departure the next day.

Bryan and Dylan in the atrium of the hotel in Tampa

Got one treadmill run in on Monday morning a week ago. I hate the treadmill. But, didn't really feel good about trying to run outside from the hotel. One good thing about the treadmill is dialing into the pace you want to run. That's about the only good thing. Time stands still on the treadmill. I did 6 miles, one mile at a incline and another mile at faster pace and the rest just plodding along. This treadmill had fans, which helped a little bit. It's still hot and the sweat just slings everywhere.

This morning was my first run on the road since last Saturday. Started at 8 am, way later than usual. Usually done with my long runs by that time, because of the heat. Scheduled for a twenty miler. It was 60 degrees when I started but right at 80 degrees when I finished. Got my 20 miles, but with a 2 mile warmdown walk home. Hell it wasn't warm, it was downright hot. I was breathing just as hard walking as the miles I slogged from 16 to 18. The early miles were great, real marathon pace to monkey pace and felt great. Guess the cut back in runs/distance from the cruise with the lack of pre run hydration kicked by butt.

Best picture of the cruise was of Paula's sister family at sunrise

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

cool baby

Loving the cooler weather. Wore a long sleeve under armour shirt, short sleeve coolmax t-shirt and a long sleeve coolmax sweatshirt, plus hat and gloves for a 3 mile warm up before Speedy pulled me through 11 miles on the Spain Hill loop. Dropped the long sleeve sweatshirt before we started the 11 mile loop and the actual "work" in the work out. Speedy didn't hammer me to much. He'd slow down when he started gapping me and I was breathing like a freight train. Mostly when he pulled below about 7:00 mile pace. Slow enough for him to be an easy run and quick enough to be around marathon pace for me. Overall pace for the 14 miles was 7:44. The 3 mile warmup was pretty darn slow.

On the way out we saw a buck standing under a light beside the road and next to a barn. I thought it was fake, the kind you shoot arrows at or a yard decoration. But, Speedy said it was real, guess it's head was following us as we ran by. Pretty bizarre. Sun didn't rise until mile 10. Pretty dark this morning. Damn near rolled my ankle twice. Once, stepping off the side of the road and again after stepping on a boulder.

Last post on the blog for awhile, unless we have wireless on the cruise ship. Even then, I don't know that I want to bring the laptop. Just hope I'm able to get at least 2-3 decent runs in the next week. The saturday we get back I'm scheduled for 20 miles..................

Friday, October 3, 2008


Actually cold enough this morning, I wish I'd worn gloves. Probably would have taken them off after a mile or two. But, the hands were a little chilly this morning. Of course, lots of runners think because they get cold hands that they have Raynauds. Personally, I think runners are just predominately skinny ass people with the nerve endings right near the surface of the skin and are just more sensitive to the cold. Geez, this blubber ball I use to work with would wear short sleeve shirts year round. (Probably because he was so morbidly obese, he couldn't find a jacket to wear). He said the cold didn't bother him. 'Course not, the blubber kept him warm.

Been sick the last couple of days. I took yesterday off from running completely. Missed my second speed workout for the week. Slept from around 9:00 pm to 6:00 am on Thursday. Feel better today. Still slept in until 6 am again this morning. Went for 4 miles at real marathon pace. To short of a distance to get a real rhythm going, but good enough after a day off.