Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Y2K, yoga, kids and koke

Y2K, hadn't even thought about that in quite awhile. Overblown media hype.

Pulled out the yoga for dummies dvd. I want to make a cheat sheet with pictures of the different poses, so I can get a routine down. Don't want to watch the dvd every time. It's been over 6 months since I've done any yoga. Some of the poses are part of my stretching routine before and after a run. Only made it through 7 of the beginner poses this morning, before it was time for work.

Someone managed to spill coke on the remote for the tv. Pretty certain it was Dylan, he's the one who was whining this morning because it wouldn't work. Took it apart and wiped all of the sticky coke residue off the electric board, keypad and case. Put it back together and it works fine.

If anyone needs to find out if something is breakable, just give it to a kid for a couple of days. They can break anything. Buddy of mine use to say his kid could break an anvil. I don't doubt it.

No run today, scheduled off day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running partners

Having someone to run with makes all the difference in the world. I use to do all of my runs by myself. But, its nice for a long run to have someone to talk to or on a fast day to push or pull you along. The ramp up this spring is going to require 2 speed workouts. I'll do the 200 meter repeats by myself. I would really like to have someone to suffer along with me on the tempo runs. Last year EB and I did a Tuesday tempo workout building up for the Murfreesboro Half. Speedy has helped me this spring. Thought I'd be able to get the new speed queen to run a few times at lunch. Seems everyone is nursing an injury.

This mornings tempo was a solo effort from the house. Two or three mile warm up and then 4 miles at tempo pace, target pace 6:30-6:40. Heavy frost, should be the last one until the fall. Did a 2 mile warm up and then eased into tempo. Seemed like a struggle from the start. Talked myself out of doing 4 miles. Did 3 instead. Splits, 6:41, 6:42, 6:46. I never really looked at heart rate or overall pace, just the distance into the workout. It was all on perceived effort. Probably could have pulled out one more mile, but it would have been closer to 7:00.

Hmmmm, burning questions.
Ready for tomorrow's rest day?
Shouldn't have smoked that cigarillo on the porch in the sun on Sunday.
Pollen and allergies have me coughing up crap from my chest, cigarillo didn't help that any.
Sissy factor, real easy to call it quits without the coach yelling or someone else pulling or pushing me along.
Recovering from Saturday's half marathon? It was at tempo pace according to the heart rate anyway.
Achilles twinged again pushing on the ups.

Don't think I caved except maybe once when EB was pushing or pulling me along on tempo workouts. We kind of had to keep each other in check, she pushed the downs and I pushed the ups. She never caved in on a workout, if anything she seemed to race the workouts. Speedy pulled me along. My tempo pace was marathon pace for him. The speed queen is a raw talent. I've only run with her once and she bolted out like wild horse. I only made it a half mile and strained my achilles chasing her up a rising curve. Guess she didn't realize an old guy needs to warm up.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Skate board wannabe's

Took Dylan and his cousin Bryan to the Skate Park in Lavergne on sunday. The both did pretty well. Seems like they are actually better than Darrell was at their age.

Run this morning was going to be a recovery on the golf course, but we got to much rain last night. Ended up just running from the house to the greenway and back for 6 easy miles.


CMM is done, time for a new short term goal. Here's a laundry list of some of my running goals.

Fast marathon, fast for me being 3:10. On hold, I haven't done a marathon since Boston in 2005.

Fast 5k. Sub 19:00. I've run a 18:48.

That's the trophy, I was 3rd Male overall. But, that was several years ago, 30 degrees and a night race, with a downhill finish, and on a course I ran 2-3 times a week.

Marathon in 50 states on hold, at least until I get back to doing a marathon a year.

50 miler, probably attempt this in the fall when it's more comfortable doing 20 milers.

Re qualify for Boston. Boston rocks, I'd really like to run a decent time on that course.

Fast half marathon. Anything under 1:28 would do. I've run that time twice, once in a marathon buildup and another training solely for the half. Perhaps this fall at the Murfreesboro Half.

Immediate goal through this summer is the sub 19:00 5k. Three quality workouts a week on six days of training. A tempo or progression run of around 4-6 miles on Tuesdays. Just hope EB is healthy and we can continue those workouts. A speed session of 12+, 200's with 200 recovery at R pace. Most of these will be on the road, but maybe some on the track for a little break from the asphalt. Long run of 12-13 miles at around 7:30 pace. Longer if coach feels its needed. The other 3 runs will be recovery, with at least 2 of them on the golf course or trail to give the legs a break from the asphalt.

Run this morning was 10 miles at 7:30. Felt great, used the trick from TR and took a hand held water bottle filled with a 50/50 ratio of water and lemonade. Honeysuckle is in full bloom. Pretty flowers, great fragrance, but a nasty vine that takes over everything and the pollen gives my allergy fits. No effect this morning?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Country Music Half Marathon race report

Apology. First off I need to apologize to everyone who was waiting for me in corral 4. I was just getting off the bus when the gun went off. I allowed an hour to make it to the start. Next year, I'll either have to stay in Nashville or leave the house at 3:30 am. (I live in Murfreesboro and left the house at 4:30 am)

Weather. Best of any of the Nashville races I've done. This is the second half, plus 2 full marathons. Cloud cover, little breeze, little rain. Excellent, just glad I was finished before the sun popped out.

Race. My chip time was 1:44:26. Got the job done. Did get a group around me almost from the time I jumped onto the course. Crowd support was good this year. Little hoarse from yelling trying to get the crowds to yell when we went by. I jumped in behind the 3rd corral, and tried to stay behind the 3:30 marathon pacer. He got ahead of us for quite awhile, but we caught back around mile 11, just before the split for the marathoners and half marathoners.

Excuses. Only one bottle of water before the start. Plan was to drink that bottle and then eat and drink some more before the start. No food. Didn't get a chance to change shoes. I wore my rain shoes, an old pair of trainers that I wanted to change out of before the race. No Succeed. Planned on one capsule before the start, because of the temperature and humidity.

Traffic. This is the only real complaint, but it lead to me not getting to the start on time and all of the other excuses listed. I can't believe someone can design an egress to a stadium knowing the amount of traffic coming in and have only 1 lane coming into the parking lot. Complete bullsh*t. Last year the traffic coming in from interstate 24 slowed around Hermitage Avenue. This morning, just after the 24/40 split, traffic came to a complete stop. I sat in traffic for an hour. I got to that point at 5:30 and didn't get off the Hermitage Avenue exit until 6:30 trying to get to the stadium. Debate in my mind was go to the stadium and wait for the bus, or try and get to the start with all of the lane closures. Chose the stadium.

All in all I had a blast. I'll be back next year. Good call to wear the regular stop watch to monitor total time. The Garmin was good for seeing where we were distance wise. I didn't feel comfortable with the heart rate. According to it I was running tempo pace the entire race. Actually did what I did last year and ran by perceived effort. Uphills were a little slower than pace and the downhills a little quicker. Seems like more downhill in the final 3-4 miles than I remembered. Next year I need to mark on my pace band where the water stops are located.

Post mortem. Still don't know what to make of the heart rate data. I started out at 172, that's because I sprinted from the buses to the meeting spot for the pacers and dropped my bag and sprinted to the starting line. I saw corral 4 coming to the line and jumped in at the start, but evidently I actually jumped in the back of the 3rd corral. I never could get my heart rate below 155. In training 8:00 pace was 145, add a couple of ticks for the heat. I averaged 163, which is tempo pace and hit 170+ a couple times. Some of it is because I waved the pace stick around and gestured with the other arm to pump the crowds for a little noise. Bottom line, the Garmin is a great training tool but I'll leave it at home on race day.

Uh oh.

Woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain and thunder. Radar shows solid rain, not showers. Appears it could be gone by the 7 am start.

Friday, April 25, 2008

runner geek

Laying out all of my stuff so I don't forget anything. Got the coffee set to start brewing at 4:00. Should be out the door by 4:30 and arrive at the stadium around 5:30. Should get me to the start line at 6:00 at the latest.

VIP pass

Pacer flag

The Jacket

Sneezing fit

Finished my 4 mile pace run this morning with a sneezing fit. Seemed to last forever, but I'd rather put up with the occasional allergy reaction versus taking meds. I stopped taking the prescription meds for allergies back in 1996 when I started running marathons. I felt they dehydrated me to much. Also, I've read and firmly believe the more I run in the elements the more my body becomes adapted to the allergens.

My oldest son Darrell went through the allergy testing and shots about the same time I stopped taking the meds. He doesn't appear to have to much trouble with his allergies. Dylan on the other hand takes a over the counter med for his allergies.

Leaving work early this afternoon to go to the Country Music Marathon expo.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sobering run

Started hearing the sirens as I was getting ready for my run this morning. The entrance to our subdivision was blocked and I continued on around Thompson Lane. The first vehicle I saw was a pickup truck with a flat tire and the rear differential gone. I thought it must have been a drunk driver, especially from the marks it left in the road. Farther down the road was the other car. First time I went by before dawn, it looked like a SUV. Coming back the second time, I could tell it was a maybe a 4 door Altima. Both passenger doors gone and the drivers door as well. Terrible wreck. One fatality and another person life flighted.

Coming back through the crash scene was very sobering. I could feel myself about to lose my breakfast. I've seen enough death, dying and car crashes, but it still really makes you think when its back in your face. My heart rate jumped 10 points, coming through the first time and back through the second time. Just thankful for the police officers, medical personnel and their families that have to deal with this stuff on a daily basis.

Run this morning was supposed to be a 6 mile pace run. I wanted to see how close I could get to pace on the first mile. Ok, for the first half mile, until I saw the first police car. First mile was a 7:38. Settled down after that and came in on pace for the rest of the run. Couldn't really go by heart rate, only by perceived effort for the first 2 miles and the last 2 miles. I could see the police car and lights as soon I turned the corner for the stretch down Thompson Lane to the house.

Four miles easy tomorrow. Thought about doing the golf course, but why even risk another sprained ankle.

Dylan's book

If I were a leperchan

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring marathons

Weather forecast is coming around for the Country Music Marathon on Saturday. It's going to be in the 80's all this week and then break on Saturday. Temps forecasted to be a high of 69 degrees and scattered showers. Repeat of the last couple of years. Personally I prefer temps under 50 degrees and ideally in the 40's to "race" a marathon.

I've made the mistake of trying to race a marathon when the temperatures aren't in my ideal zone. The result is usually a slower than anticipated race. I sweat to much and don't keep up with the hydration. It's even happened in a half marathon.

But, hydration and nutrition, like temperatures affect everyone differently. It's only taken me 13 years to figure out the balance of nutrition and hydration that works the best for me during the marathon. I've had some serious bonks and bouts of dehydration (the picture tells the whole story) during races and even on training runs.

The Country Music Marathon has become an event. 30,000 runners wow. Over 90% will be running the half marathon. Sure, some will be racing but the majority are just out to be running. Same here, it's my chance at the "rock star" lifestyle as a pacer. Wish the best to everyone in their race.

Final thoughts before the race. It's crowded, if you don't get up front and you are wanting to race, change corrals at the expo. The first 2-3 miles are very crowded, don't waste energy dodging and weaving trying to get on pace. If the temperatures are above where you've been training, adjust your pace from the start.

I may try for another fall marathon. Spring marathons haven't been very kind to me. Perhaps a 50 miler over the summer or early fall. This running stuff is addictive, I've been at it now for right at 20 years.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pacer anxiety

Tempo this morning. Effort was easier than last week, but 11 seconds slower. Good thing I'm not tapering. Little twinge in my achilles, so I backed off in the 3rd mile and thought I'd really slowed on the last one, but it wasn't quite as slow as I imagined. Splits, 6:32, 6:34, 6:42, 6:47. I went to hot on the first one, paid for it in mile 2. Ready to quit all the way through mile 3, but hung on for one more mile. Didn't push the last mile, really afraid the achilles would strain. Speedy checked out on the last mile and I lost sight of him for the last quarter.

Peter emailed the pacer info this morning. I'm still in the 4th corral. Yesterday I ate way to much snack crap out of the snack machine. Need to slow down on that the next couple of days.

Filled out Darrell's FASA info on the PC this morning. What an exercise in frustration dealing with anything the government tries to simplify. Went a lot quicker this time. Only real frustration was the PIN process.

Monday, April 21, 2008

real recovery

No speedy this morning. Hopefully, he just slept in and his leg isn't bothering him. We didn't really go that hard yesterday, he was leading the whole way. Mostly around 7:30 pace on the gravel and road and 8:30'ish on the dirt.

Rode the See Spot Run course twice yesterday on the GSS out at MTSU. The construction has not closed the road, yet. I measured the course with the new detour around the parking lot. It'll work fine. Maybe they won't close the road so it won't be an issue.

Golf course was really wet from the dew this morning. No sprinklers, but I did see the skunk on my second loop. Only did 6 miles, real slow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wunderbar !

Found some dirt. Went out to Cedars of Lebanon State Forest and parked within the park. Almost 2 miles of road before we got to the gravel. The gravel section is 5 miles one way. Lots of trails off the gravel. Went down one this morning. Wider than single track, horse trail with lots of limestone for the downhill section and then dirt and lots of it. Rain a couple of days ago, and still mud holes on the trail. The dirt forced Speedy to slow down, still ended up with a 8:00 average pace for the 12.01 mile run.

Think I've found a new place for the "Fat Ass 50k" on new years day. Only problem would be finding a big enough spot for everyone to park so the entire run would be dirt or gravel. Be a good spot to start training for my first 50 miler. Easy to get 20 miles without getting on the road and without having to repeat any sections.

Need to buy the Canon Elph camera I've been researching. Then I could have taken it on the run this morning. First pictures I took with the old digital before we started this morning were to dark. Only thing going on was the the owls hooting at each other.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

boys and fries

Darrell, Dylan and Lance

Last night we did Wing Stop. Excellent fries and best wings in Murfreesboro. We use to go to Wing Zone, pretty good wings, but last couple of times they overcooked the wings. Today we tried 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Highlight are the fries. Burgers are decent, nothing to make a big deal about. I prefer a burger to be grilled over a flame, charcoal preferably, gas does ok. Just to greasy when its fried on the grill. I'll go back, but only one topping on the burger. More than one and you can't taste the meat.

no chain

Felt great this morning. First mile was slow, ankle took awhile to loosen up. Eased into half mary pace. Heart rate has come down a couple ticks, for the same effort. Don't know if its the result of the miles building back to pre-ankle sprain level or the cooler day. It was taking around a 146 heart rate to average 8:00 minute miles, this morning 142 was getting the same thing? Looking at the log, I've gone from 40 to 46 to 54 miles in the last 3 weeks.

Still thinking about a 50 miler. I've been reading Dirt Diva's blog and some of the other ultra blog writers from her blog. I can see why houses cost so much in California. Look at all of the trails they have to run on. Flip side is the crime in places like LA. CNN had a blog regarding the homicides in LA county. Sobering stuff.

Strange find on the road this morning. Trailer hitch pin, pretty normal, but then a Canadian 2 cent piece? It's been run over so much its' hard to make out. Looks like a bust of a woman on the front, the queen I'd suppose. The reverse has a fleurdelis and the number 2. Appears to be copper, about the size of an American quarter dollar.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pffft, recovery

Not by choice. Speedy ran by heart rate yesterday and must have really done a recovery run. He was raring to go this morning on the golf course. First mile was my kinda slow and then he cranked it close to my tempo pace for the rest of the first lap. He eased off on the second lap when he built up a big gap. Ended up with 8.15 miles at 8:07 average pace. Not quite half mary pace, but heart rate wise about marathon pace.

Took another 2+ hours, in addition to the hour yesterday morning to finally get the anti-virus program installed and running. First tech, yesterday morning didn't figure out I downloaded to new of a version for the old operating system I'm running. Amazing what's possible with remote access. Really frightening that even after a reboot, remote access is still available. Perhaps I really need to put up some kind of firewall.

Here's wishing all virus writers, phishers, trojan horse program writers and other computer &*(^%$# a slow painful death.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Got sucked into one of those damn virus protection software scams this morning. I was uploading a image onto my new photobucket account and got suckered. Pisses me off! Now I've got to go out and download Norton and get this crap off my computer. What a waste of time. I don't know if photobucket is to blame or me letting my guard down.

Run went great this morning. Beautiful day! 10 miles at half mary pace. First mile was 8:53 to warm up and then into pace. Last year I only practiced pace for 5-6 miles total at a time. This year I'm in much better shape.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

taper, why?

Dug out the training logs to see what I've done before other half marathons. Usually just cut down mileage the week before the race. Take an extra day or two off at the most. Mostly the halves I've done have been in the build up phase for a marathon. I've only trained specifically for the half twice. First time netted the same 1:28 I've done two other times. The most recent 1:28 was after doing a 17 mile long run a week before the race.

The last training specifically to race the half was a disaster. Ran a 1:32. Went out at a sub 1:28 pace but couldn't keep it going. It was way to warm for me, 72 degrees to start and 82 degrees at the finish. Should have adjusted the pace slower from the start and then picked it up closer to the finish.

This training cycle started out with two goals, a sub 19:00 5k attempt and pacing the 1:45 half marathon group at the Country Music Marathon. Scrapped the sub 19:00 goal after spraining my ankle a few weeks ago. Don't know why I thought a taper was needed this cycle for the half. Last year I was forced to taper because of the broken big toe. Really had doubts on whether I could pull off the pacing job.

This years buildup was really going well. The 6 days a week and twice a week speed workouts were going very well. Last year I weighed 162 the week before the race, this year 154. Guess the sprained ankle just set me back more psychologically than phyically. I did lose some fitness. Todays' tempo should have been easier. I was up to 6 miles at just a touch slower pace. Guess that's why I thought a taper was needed.

Damn, I'm becoming Stryped.

taper time

Met Speedy at comcast for a tempo run. Cold morning, 32 degrees, clear and little to no wind. Went with the naked legs, cold during the 3 mile warm up. Felt good at speed though. Didn't come easy this morning. I had all I could do to keep up with Speedy, he went a little hot. Splits came in at 6:38, 6:37, 6:32, 6:37. Struggled at 1.5 miles in, ready to stop, congestion in the chest because of the allergies. Felt better at 3 miles and got a rhythm going. Last mile felt like I was slowing but just struggling to maintain. Splits actually were consistent. 9.6 miles for the day.

Really hesitant to even do the tempo this morning. Race day is coming quick. Not so much a race for me, but still need to be able to click into pace and keep it steady. Biggest fear is getting hurt. I'll use the 10 day taper from Jack Daniels training program. Tomorrow will be a off day.

Hate taper time. Rest before the race is good, if I were racing. I'm not. Should just be a semi-long easy run. Work will be if the temps are greater than 50, then it will be more of marathon pace run. Thing about taper is feeling aches and pains because of the decrease in mileage and intensity. Ghost pains or imagined pains, I don't know.

Speedy talked about trying out some different trails after the race. Sounds good to me. Dirt is easy on the legs. Only downside is the drive. Another 3-4 weeks and I won't be able to keep up with him anymore, except on his recovery or easy days.

Monday, April 14, 2008

cold ears

Grabbed the balaclava instead of the beanie. I already had my Nike hat on. Wore it instead of the balaclava to keep the rain out of my eyes. Did wear the tights even though it was around 38 degrees. Glad I did, the wind was plenty cold. Good thing the golf course has so many turns, by the time my ears were really cold, I'd have the wind at my back and it wouldn't be as bad. Sure wish I'd kept the goatee another week, the chin was cold.

This weather would be ideal for the race on the 26th, but it doesn't appear the cold will stay around long. Back into the 70's in a couple of days. Just hope it doesn't creep toward 80. Glad I'll only be doing the half regardless of what happens temperature wise. That's why I prefer a fall marathon, less chance of it being warm than the spring marathons.

Soaked in the hot tub after Sunday's run. Felt great, only thing missing was the sun. It really is nice to have the sun in your face on a cold day, but the tunes on the Ipod made up for it. (and the 2 pints of beer) My old shuffle is still going. The one thing I really like is the random shuffle. First song was Merle Haggard, some Beatles and ended with some Hendrix and heavy metal. The newest generation of shuffle has been discounted to $49. I'll wait to get a Nano or something with at least 10 Gigs of space.

Lunch on Sunday was T-bones on the grill at the Foxes. Those were some tasty steaks. Had to come back to our house just after the grill started up because we ran out of gas. I was already using my spare tank. Nothing better than a steak or burger cooked on the grill. Actually does taste better on real charcoal. We do that at the farm, when we aren't in any hurry to get cooking. Had Black Forest Cake for Ryan's birthday, it's my new favorite cake.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

feelin' it!

Great run today. Little cool to start and never did warm up. 40 degrees and headwind the entire way or so it seemed. Speedy's first "long" run since taking time off for his stress reaction. Wanted 13 miles, very happy with the 11 we did. I was afraid he'd be feeling froggy and kick my ass.

Spain Hill loop, red is heart rate and green is elevation

Ended up with a 7:30 average pace. Slowest miles were the first one and Spain Hill. Speedy seemed to warm up around 4 miles. He cruised up the hills and would gap me. I was pushing tempo pace heart rate going up the hills and pushing the downs to reel him back in, even with him slowing so I could catch up. But of course according to him I was pushing him, BS, he lead the whole way, I was just trying to stay off his shoulder. Very pumped about this workout versus the lousy run last weekend on the same course. Amazing the difference 10 degrees makes. Plus some days just don't come together. Carried extra water today, but still used the same amount as last weekend. Only 4 miles shorter.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great day for racin'

Went to 2 races today. First went to Smyrna for the North Rutherford Healthy Kids Day 5K. Did a 6 mile run on the course before the race started. They had almost as many runners as last year. Jacob C. won again.

Second race was the Run for Roses 5k Run in Murfreesboro at the VA. First year for this race. They had about as many runners as at the Smyrna race. This race seemed to have a younger college age crowd, the race started at 9 am. Kinda fun watching the races without having to worry about timing or racing them. Eric M. won this race. They had to alter the course because of construction. I'll need to mark all of the mile markers in the grass before they start paving or else it will have to be re-certified.

Dylan had his first T-Ball game this afternoon after pictures. Seems like it cooled off alittle from this morning. Mostly the wind increased. Dylan wanted to play coach pitch this year, but he wasn't old enough. We're playing in a different league this year. They don't keep score or count outs, the whole team takes the field and the entire team bats. Works well for the younger kids, Dylan seems to like it more than the traditional t-ball from the prior year. Lot of discussion in the bleachers, that it isn't really baseball, but kindergaten ball.

Friday, April 11, 2008


One job I despise around the house is anything related to plumbing. Seems like every job I attempt involves 2 trips to Home Depot for the right part and several hours. Noticed a towel behind the toilet yesterday and it was thoroughly soaked. (PJ, "I forgot, I was going to tell you") Steady drip of water from the valve to the supply line. I put a small tupperware container under it and told Darrell to check it every hour to see how quickly it filled and I went on in to work. Called Darell later in the morning and the container was overflowing. Decided to leave work at 2 pm, so I could start my plumbing job.

Shut off the water and pulled the valve and took it with me to Home Depot. Bought a replacement and a new supply line. Might as well replace both. (Thinking ahead) Replaced everything and still had a leak from the other end of the supply line on the tank end of the toilet. Luckily, I had 2 different flush valves from previous wrong choices on other plumbing jobs. Replaced just the worn out gasket. Still leaked. Tightened it up to tight and broke the flush valve. *&^%$,Oops. This is why my plumbing jobs take several hours. Replaced the entire valve, with the one on hand. Leak fixed! Total repair cost $9.69 and less than a hour total work time plus a hour back and forth to Home Depot.

No run today. Rain was a good excuse for a day off. Weights, instead.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Announcement to the staff yesterday regarding the sale of the City Paper to SouthComm. I've known for a week. Hate to keep it from PJ, we've been down this road twice already. Lost my job in both of those transactions. This would be the first time the announcement was over burgers and beer. It all sounds very promising. But now, you know the revelance of my "where's the cheese" entry last week. That was the day I found out about the deal.

This mornings run kinda evolved. I've never done a progression run, maybe that's what I did this morning. My allergies are going full bore. Woke up with a killer headache and a head full of snot. Started out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaal slow. 10:48 for the first mile and almost the same for mile 2. Bet I go faster than that in the final miles of a really bad marathon. Gradually picked up the pace until the 5 mile turnaround and then picked it up another notch. Last mile was a 7:44. My heart rate graphed out on a great upward slope.

Turkey call, add that to the list of strange stuff found on the side of the road. Ran by it and wondered what the heck it was and doubled back to confirm it. Course I picked it up to show the boys. Stopped at the sister-in-laws and stood in their garage and made the call do its thing. Surprised no one came out, but as I went in the house PJ was coming out to see about the noise.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do over

Back to the golf course this morning. Did a mile until Speedy snuck up on me and scared the bejesus out of me. I knew he was going to show up about 15 minutes after me, but I thought he was in front of me, not behind. Wore the headlamp and Speedy saw a skunk. Still very wet in spots, we've had lots of rain and looks like more is on the way. The ankle loosened up really quickly, within the first half mile, versus over 2 miles on the road. The soft, uneven surface really flexes the ankle. Great for strengthening the ankle and to make you slow down on recovery days.

Dr. Bigtime

Above picture of one of the doctors at PJ's office. Didn't realize he's right about the abs. I do absolutely nothing for my abs anymore, yet now that I'm down to the lowest weight since high school, I can actually see the abs. Really need to start doing some crunches, pushups and yoga again. Got out of the habit and need to start back.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

confidence builder

Yesterday was a rest day. I slept in and just did weights. Wasn't a scheduled rest day, but what the heck, maybe I've come back to quick. The ankle still takes a couple of miles to loosen up. I haven't really been doing any real easy recovery type runs. About time to go back to the golf course. This time, I'll be wearing the headlamp.

Talked with Speedy this morning. He's taken 2 weeks off. Thought he had a stress fracture, ends up it was a stress reaction? Good news, he'll be back running in 10 days versus the layoff for a stress fracture. He and I have a similar foot strike, both running on our toes. Seems the calf gets to strong and pulls on the ligaments and bone itself.

Workout this morning went well. Ran 2.5 miles out to the greenway from the house. Then 2 miles at tempo pace, came in at 6:49 and 6:36. Not really long enough for a tempo, but I didn't want to push it. 2.5 miles back home felt really easy and clicked right into half marathon pace. Little less than 3 weeks till race day. I want to get one get long run in this weekend, say 13-14 miles.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This mornings run started out ok, but ended lousy. Fairly warm 53 degrees and a gray sky. Started out on the Spain Hill loop but after a mile in, I realized I didn't have my water bottle. Turned around to get an even 3 miles back to the car. Headed out again and went out Hwy 96 on the Lascassas loop. Plan was a 13 mile long run. I took it easy and felt good for the first 9 miles. Climbed the last big hill and slowed considerably. Couldn't get a good pace going after that hill. Drank the last of my water at 10 miles and continued slowing. By 11 miles I was out of energy and slogging along. At 12.4 miles I started walking. Walked the remaining 1.4 miles back to my car. Took a succeed cap before I started and again at 6 miles. No cramping, not really a bonk. Think I just got dehydrated? Felt ok once I got back to the car and drank my last water bottle.

Spent the rest of the day at the farm. PJ's sister and family drove up with us. Granny and Pop were already there. We pulled the camper and set it up inside the barn. PJ cleaned it and the boys ran around. The rest of us put up a flag pole. Grilled some brauts and hot dogs. Shot the 22's and the Glock down at the pond.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pop up

No rain. Cloudy and a little wind from the north, not a bad day for a run. Warmed up with 2 easy miles and then practiced maintaining half marathon pace for the next 8 miles. Went for a out and back from the house down Thompson Lane and onto Compton with just a little on some side road. Lots of rolling hills. Good practice for maintaining an even effort. The downhills are pretty easy to maintain around 7:45 pace, but the ups take a little more effort. I want to maintain as even of a effort as possible. So the ups average say 8:15 and the downside 7:45, so when its all done, 8:00 mile average.

Went and looked at 2 different pop up campers. The first was rough, mice had chewed holes in the canvas. The floor was starting to rot in most of the corners. Bought the 2nd one we looked at. Not bad shape for the age. Doesn't have to be to nice. Especially, for the price I'm willing to pay. It'll do for the farm. We'll pull it up to the farm on Sunday. It is real lightweight and the van pulls it well.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rainy days

Good thing I was able to get my run in yesterday afternoon at work. Headed out between showers, but it started raining a half mile into the run. Never realized how hilly it is around the office. No monster hills, just continually rolling. Rain wasn't hard enough to be a bother. Picked up the pace for about 3/4 of a mile before I finished and felt really strong.

Radar shows severe thunderstorms today and more lightning. I'll do weights and take a day off from running. I'd like to do 13 miles on Sunday, so Saturday will be an easy 8-10 miles.

Three weeks until race day. Need to do a couple more tempo runs. Instead of the twice a week speed stuff, maybe just one each week. I'll do the 10 day Jack Daniels taper before the race, so that only leaves 2 tempo runs and 2 long runs. Long runs will only be 13 miles. Not really much of a long run, but I'll run them at half marathon pace.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


April showers. Lots of rain, thunder and lightning this morning. Hoped I'd be able to squeeze a run in between the showers, but doesn't appear to be a big enough gap in the rain to make it happen. Rain is an inconvenience, the lightning I don't really feel like tempting.

Plan B. I'll take my running gear to work and try to get in 6-7 miles at lunch. I wanted to do a few runs in the 70's or warmer before race day. It won't get quite that warm today. Plan C. Bag the run completely. Another day off isn't a big deal.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

who moved my cheese

Cheesey, huh. That's what I though the second time I encountered that book in the corporate world. Of all of the strange things I've found on the side of the road, a copy of "Who moved my cheese". First read that book 10 or more years ago, in a corporate restructure at Verizon Wireless which eventually cost me my job. Second encounter was when Gannett bought the Daily News Journal, and again I lost my job. Cynical me, that book............. I could see why someone would throw it out the window in disgust.

Perfect running weather this morning. Hope race day is the same. Clear skies and 40 degrees. Little bit of wind, but no problem. Planned on doing 10 miles nice and easy. Got carried away after 3 miles and clicked into half marathon pace rather easily and kept it going all the way home.

Country Music Marathon packet arrived in the mail yesterday. Bib number 4549, puts me in corral number 4. Same place as last year I believe. This is where I start getting ansy, from here until race day.

Allergies have hit me full bore. Had a sinus headache for 3 days which finally went away Monday evening. Now the sinuses are flowing free, as well as the eyes and the sneezing fits have started. Running helps to keep my allergies in check.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Busy last couple of days. Sunday ran 6 miles from the house, no issues. Saw 2 dead foxes on the side of the road. Couldn't help but think of Steve Martins, wild and crazy guy skit from Saturday Night Live. Went in to work for most of the day. Dylan and I went to the Thompson Lane access on the Stones River later that afternoon. He practiced street hockey for awhile, then we hiked around by McFadden's Ford. The river was way up from all of the rain. Found a tick last night, yuck. Dylan had one as well.

Monday took off a day from running and did weights instead. Very hectic at work, all last week and more so on Monday. Between, month end, payroll, new employees and the typical work related dramas its been very busy.

Tuesday is typically the day for speedwork. Ankle is still stiff and takes a mile or so to loosen up. Decided to see how the 8:00 pace would work. Cranked it up after a mile. Felt really good. Never could dial exactly into pace. Most of the early miles were all around 7:45. It wasn't until mile 4 that I was finally able to get a little closer, couple of 7:50's. Part of it was the wind in my face. Heart rate was a few beats higher as well, perhaps because it was warmer. Still need to practice pace. Just wasn't coming easy this morning. Still lots of time to get it back on track.

Change the blog title for Dylan's benefit. It is April fools day.