Tuesday, July 28, 2009

returning to Jack

This morning was the first speed workout in the 8 week cycle for the Chikin Run. I'm using the Jack Daniels program. This will be the first time I've used this program for the 10k distance, but I've used it successfully for 5 miles. This mornings session wasn't to bad, 3 x 1,200 meters at I pace and 3 x 800 meters at I pace.

First time using this program for more than 5 weeks. That's the buildup I've used in the past. One of these days I'll start at the beginning of the cycle. But, maybe that's why its worked so far. It just sharpens what ever speed I have at that point in my training.

Running streak is still intact at 161 days. I deleted the old counter on the blog because it started to run ads continually. The new counter is pretty simple. Got it here. It appears to be without any type of advertising or malicious content.

Tour de France is over. Pretty exciting tour this year, as compared with the last couple of years. Next year should really be a show. Lot's of new young talent and the old guard that continue to hang on and make it interesting.

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