Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red, white and done

Damn, think I whined louder than the dog this morning when I first got out of bed. Dog wanted out around 2:00 am, my foot was really sore, my plantar facia was yelling at me. But, that's the only real soreness and it was gone after this mornings recovery run. Ran the red and white trails at Percy Warner Park with EB, last night.

We started at the stone gates on Belle Meade Boulevard and immediately starting climbing up the steps to the entrance of the white trail. Guess this counts as single track. All kinds of surface, mostly soft or packed dirt, loose rocks, big rocks, tree roots and trees as big around as a small car. It was awesome. Only thing missing was a creek crossing. Only water was a spring which was really the only slippery spot on the trail.

Good thing EB made me bring some water. We stashed it at the trail head for the red trail. Only got two big gulps of water, but it was needed. I'd started the run with my excuse to run slow, "I'd run my long run the day before". She offered up her's, as well. Regardless of whether the pace was slow or fast. She led the whole way. It was all I could do to stay within about 20 steps. No wonder she's such a strong runner. The trails either climb or drop, no level track, just up or down, it was great. Little secret, (I walked up some of the extra steep stuff)

I'll be back. I'd wanted to run the red, white and blue trails, but gave in to common sense and skipped the blue on this trip. Don't know if this is really a good alternative to a second speed workout, but is good training for a bandit attempt at the Flying Monkey Marathon.

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