Sunday, March 14, 2010


New mug to add to the collection. Picture of my Octoberfest beer mug, didn't turn out? But, doesn't really fit the theme of the coffee mugs. Calling this a mug is a stretch, it's almost as big as the liter beer steins from Germany and about as thick. It's the age group award given out at this years Tom King 5k and half marathon.

Nothing special about this mug. Just an age group award from the running club in Texas. RAW. Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers. But, it's the one mug that's used every week with the morning coffee. More race directors need to take note, a mug makes a better award than a trophy that sits on a shelf or in a box in the closet.

This mug was from the 2000 Peachtree Road Road race. This race is a 10k on July 4th down Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia. At one time it was the largest 10k race in the world. Nike gave a mug to the first 1,000 runners across the line. Tough part was getting seeded to be at the front of the race to have a shot at being one of the first 1,000 runners. The mantra for this race is the three H's, heat, hills and humidity.

One of the first mugs I ever got from a race. Not an age group award, they gave a mug to everyone who entered. This was my 3rd marathon? In 1998. The Blue Angel Marathon in Pensacola Florida.

The mark has been set for the upcoming 5k season. According to the Jack Daniels VDOT tables yesterdays race effort at the Tom King 5K, gives me a 50. I need to raise that to between a 53-54. This should yield a sub 19:00 5K or better yet around a 18:50.

Only good thing about the race was winning my age group and no rain during the race. Temperatures were perfect. Only reason I managed to squeeze out a first in my age group was because the Fast Master, won Masters and the rest of the fast guys were running the half marathon. Did win a cool coffee mug. Its about as big as the German liter beer steins and almost as thick. One of the better age group awards I've won over the years.

I think I'm better suited to longer races. The 5k race is over to quick and has to be run almost out of control from the gun. My first mile yesterday was right at my target pace, but then I slowed. Sure didn't seem like I slowed. I kept pace with the runners around me. Passed a few people, actually only eleven runners finished in front of me. Chased some little girl for the last mile and a half towards the stadium. She ended up being the first female and only finished seconds behind me. I didn't get past her until less than a half mile to go. Sure did worry that she might out kick me at the finish. But it wasn't her that beat me to the line. Another runner pasted me right at the line and finished 1 second ahead on gun time, but a second behind on chip time.


Chris said...

Nice collection, and well deserved. Looks to me that you are more of a front pack runner now. IMHO.

No problems with me on using it as a beer stein, either.

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