Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yasso 800's. I think most marathoners have at least heard of them. The marathon program I'm using now and for my PR effort has them scheduled about 7 weeks out. Last time I ran them, it was the confidence boost I needed to attempt a 3:05, when I had been training towards a 3:10. (actually they had me secretly thinking I could pull off a sub 3:00). I've also been injured pushing to hard several years ago.

This mornings effort sucked. Really almost expected it. I'd been wondering how in the world I was going to run 8-10, 3:00 800's when I was having trouble running 60 seconds at 6:00 pace. Warmed up for a mile with G in the misty/drizzle. The temperature was 45 degrees and a pretty strong wind. Ran 4 repeats and didn't hit a single one on target.Closest was about 4 seconds off.

Changed directions on the track and increased the recovery a little bit. I'd been taking a 400 meter recovery at a slow jog. This time I walked for a 100 meters and then slogged the remaining 300 meters. I was startled by another runner on the track and switched directions so we'd both be running the same way. I hit the start line about 10 yards behind this runner and started out for rep number 6. He was moving quicker than me, but stopped at 200 meters. I kept going and had my fastest rep of the day, 3:01. Damn. Just where I should have been all along.

Guess, I need someone pulling me on the track. That, plus it felt like the wind was blowing in my face for 300 meters of each of the laps. Plus, the cooler weather had me feeling aches and twinges I haven't had in awhile. I ran one more rep, but it was another slow one and called it a day.

The running streak has me feeling strong. I just don't seem to have any 5k speed. That's okay by me, don't really need it for the marathon.

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