Sunday, November 6, 2011

5 weeks

Found out where the edge is for no carbs on the long run. Perfect morning for a long run this morning. Met the W brothers at LBC for a planned 22 miler. Easy run for all of us. BQ1 needed to test his hip and only needed 16 miles. Pretty strange having daylight for the entire run. Cool to start but never really an issue. Would be perfect marathon weather. Most of the sugar maples were bright oranges and reds. Rising sun made the colors pop more and later, bright blue sky and no clouds.

Seemed like each of us had lots of energy and had to remind each other to hold it back. Didn't feel like that for me for the first couple of miles. At some point the pace seemed right and I actually felt like pushing up the hills. I only planned on taking 2 succeeds with plain water. Took the first one at 10 miles and the second at 16 miles.

Felt really strong when we dropped BQ1 off at the start and headed back out for another 6 mile loop. That feeling fell away quickly around mile 18 when I started to struggle. The pace didn't really fall off much, but the last hill took way to much out of me. I lost contact with G and stopped to pee and catch my breath. Managed to run mile 19 at 8:00, but that was the last decent mile. Pace fell off to 8:30 for the next 2 miles and I was beginning to crash. I've been in this place before, that's the only thing that kept me going for the last 2 miles. Once the Garmin clicked over to 21 miles I stopped and walked it in.

Training is still going well. 73 miles this week. No quality workouts at all. All recovery from last weeks fast finish long run. I haven't looked at next weeks schedule except for the Yasso 800's on Tuesday. It would be nice to have both the W brothers pulling me around the track for that workout. Don't know if that will happen, most of our mid week quality workouts are different.

The stupid/silly running streak thing is still going. Think it's at 131 days now. I've about given up on the notion of going 80 miles per week. I may bump the daily runs to 10 miles to take a crack at it, in the next few weeks. Really about the only way to get there is doubles and they just aren't happening.

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