Friday, March 2, 2012

2 weeks of Jack

Finished the 2nd week worth of Jack Daniels workouts this morning. BQ1 came out as well. And the speed workout wouldn't be complete without the wind. Warm and humid as well. I'd like to say these workouts are getting easier, but I was only able to hit the short repeat numbers. Great to have BQ1 to chase after on the longer stuff.

Either I'm going to hard on the short stuff or I'm wimping out on the longer stuff. Probably a combination of the two. The relaxed fast pace seems to click rather easily on the shorter repeats. The longer stuff, I could feel my quad complaining. So, probably not pushing hard enough to keep up with BQ1. He didn't have any problems hitting his times.

Never looked at my watch, except at the end to record the split. Ran by perceived effort. That, might also be why the 1,000 meter repeats were 3-5 seconds off per rep. Ran just a little bit to comfortably, not a hard fast effort.

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