Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Tennessee has experienced the same non-winter, early spring as the rest of the nation. Jeez, it's been in the 80's to many times to count in March. Way to early for this time of year. Unfortunately the tree pollen has been extremely high for the entire month. Normally I don't suffer to much, this year seems to the worst in recent years. It even affected my long run on Sunday. Hopefully we'll get some rain on Wednesday and knock the rest of the tree pollen out of the trees.

Sure glad I'm not running in the Country Music Marathon or half on April 28th. Normally the temperatures would be 54 for a low and 72 for a high. Don't think we've seen that in several weeks. It would almost seem like a cold wave at this point. Still, I'd rather have this type of weather than the July we had one year in Atlanta. Seemed like it rained almost the entire month. A couple days of it were remnants of a hurricane, so it was the torrential rain. Though I'll have to say the pine tree pollen in Atlanta was worst than any of the tree pollen I've seen here in Tennessee.

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