Friday, June 15, 2012

still a runner?

Seems like I haven't run in forever. Still riding the bike. The weight gain seems to have stabilized at about 10 pounds. About the same place when I was only running for fitness and not training for races.

Lance Armstrong will not be able to compete in tri's. His past will finally catch up with him. Don't see any good coming from the latest witch hunt. Even if he were to come clean and admit how he was able to pass all of those tests, it wouldn't help in the long term. Some athlete's will always be looking for that extra something. The testing will have to always be improved. But, perhaps that will be enough to keep the majority of the athletes clean. It is sadly part of the cycling world.

I enjoyed watching the tour when Lance competed. I've continued to watch in the years since, but not with the same level of interest. The media really built up the american wonder boy story line. I bought it, it was a fun ride. Now american tv is on to the next sensantional story line. Cycling isn't mainstream, nor track and field. Great spectacle/entertainment that sadly most americans never experience.

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