Sunday, May 5, 2013

10 more weeks

Decided I'm at least 10 weeks away from being in halfway decent shape. At least the kind of shape to start thinking about speedwork and planning workouts. Right now, I'm just happy to be able to get out the door and slog for a few miles.

Started another streak, just to try and turbo kick my running. Also had a pretty decent run with Speedy this morning out at Spain Hill. The hills really worked in our favor and we negative split the run. I'll take my excitement anyway I can get it.

Yesterday we saw the Rutherford Relay folks running all around town. Still don't get the big deal about relays. (Yeah, it's great they're raising money for a good cause) Every runner I saw was all by themselves on some of the really shitty/busy roads in Murfreesboro. They even ran down the road by my house. The road they are in the middle of resurfacing. That had to be a fun section.

I will have to give the city credit for putting in a pump to keep the streets from flooding in our neighborhood. That really surprised me. But, it wouldn't even be needed if the planning commission actually did what they are supposed to do. Also, found out our quiet section of town will be getting a Lowes/Home Depot in addition to the 4th Walmart. (like we really need another one of those)

The start of this cycle I planned on tracking my heart rate to make a pretty graph. Done with the heart rate monitor. This mornings long run was the last time. It did confirm that I'm not training hard enough, but at this point in the cycle that's a good thing. Don't need to get injured by doing to much to soon. Infographics are where its at.

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