Friday, June 21, 2013

Run your own workout

Usually I'm pretty good about running my own workout. Lately, I've been tagging along chasing someone else on their workouts. It's had the desired results. My steady state runs have become quicker and farther. Time to add some speed to the equation.

I've determined my VDOT is 47. This gives me a idea where to try and run my workouts. What I failed to do is look up the actual schedule in Daniels book. This morning I attempted 9 x 400 meters at R pace. The bigger fail was trying to use the youngster's time instead of mine. I attempted 2 repeats at his pace and then just settled in behind and ran my own pace for the remaining repeats.

Still prefer to run on the track chasing or being chased than running solo. At least for this type of workout. Almost comforting having the known distance of the track in front of you versus the uncertainty of the remaining distance on the road.

Runbayou VDOT calculator (link on the left)

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