Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time trial

Did a time trial this morning. Don't think I've ever done one in the past. Didn't really care to do one this time, but what the hell. Figured it would be a good check of the work in the last 6 weeks. Big plus would be someone to chase after. I had two rabbits in front to chase. The first youngster, no way in hell I could keep up with him. But, BQ2 damn sure thought I'd be able to hang with him, maybe even beat him.

It wasn't even close. I'd driven in on the road we would be doing the mile and a half time trail. Thought I'd be smart and pick out some land marks to break the distance up in to equal segments. My plan was to try and stay on his shoulder. That didn't last 20 yards. Next plan was to keep a manageable gap to try and close on the back stretch. That was an even bigger pipe dream. Ended up with a 9:57 for the distance and about 50 seconds behind BQ2. It wasn't even a race. Shit, I've run faster tempo runs than that. It equates out to a 47 VDOT. The same *&^%$ number I started with 6 weeks ago.

Thought I'd pretty much laid everything out there. Even wore the heart rate monitor to see what would happen. Strangely the numbers are almost exactly the same as the 5 mile worth of T pace work from last week. That was at an average pace of 7:12. Old age is taking its toll. Oh, I did decide short distances suck. I'm a marathon guy.

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