Sunday, March 27, 2011

done with marathons

swiped from the web. Holler and I'll take it off.

Blah. Wind, cold, hills. They all combined to kick my rear end today. Big expectations leading into the Greenway Marathon in Nashville, TN. It was going to be the sub 3:00 that didn't happen due to the DNF in Albany, 3 weeks ago.

Let's talk about the wind first. It wasn't that bad, only about 11 or 12 mph hour. But, when the temperature is around 39-40 degrees it's kinda chilly. Lot's of the course was sheltered from the wind or it was at our back. But, the wind chilled my legs more than I envisioned. Should have gone with the calf sleeves at a minimum or even tights. Damn. Really thought I'd be running quick enough that I'd be over heated with the calf sleeves and certainly with the tights.

Downhill start from the top of the Percy Priest Dam. Nice conservative start, I was the fourth runner back for the first mile or two. Eased up behind the 2nd place runner but he was going just a touch to quick, so I backed down a smidgen. Then the freakin' hills started. Jeez, I knew we had some rollers before we crossed the bridge over the Cumberland, but I must have mentally blocked their steepness. They weren't that long, but the sure sucked the life out of me. Took what the course gave me and realized real quickly at about 9 miles that a 3:00 wasn't happening today. I was on pace for a 3:05.

Ok, no big deal. I can get back on pace on the flat section along the river, roughly 9 miles worth of flat. It just wasn't happening. I couldn't get on pace. I got a side stitch. What the hell, I never get side stitches, except maybe on shorter races with a whole lot more effort. Bejessus, what the freak is going on. Calves start to tighten up. Can't blame it on the hydration. I carried a bottle from the start. I was taking my Suceeed Caps on schedule, powergels as well. I was ready to call it a day before I even hit the half way point. Gave up third place and then a whole lot more places.

Stopped at the aid station that Chuck was working. Felt like crap. Ready to go home and be done, but I was almost at the most distant point of the course. At least until I got my sorry rear going again around the loop and the turn around point. Still giving up spots when Bill M. and ? passed me. Ok, no sweat, I'll tuck in behind them and ride my way home to a 3:30. That lasted all of about a mile, maybe two.

At this point I couldn't really decide if it's the cold slowing me down, my sore foot or what. At 18 miles when the Monkey crew passed me, hell bent on a 3:45 I decide I'm pretty much toast. I'd been doing the ultra shuffle for the last several miles. I walked up the hill to the top of the bridge and didn't stop walking all the way home.

It wasn't all bad. Annette caught up with me at some point and walked me home. She's a 50 stater from Chicago. What can I say runners are good folks.

I won't talk about the time, it was my slowest marathon ever. But, that's to be expected, I walked it home from 18 miles out.


Jill said...

SOOOO sorry!! I'm sure you're not done. You have a sub 3 in you. You just have to find it. Rest up...there will be another around the corner.

Trent said...

Hey Dirk, sorry you had a long, bad day out there today. It was great seeing you nonetheless. Running, of course, is stupid.

Dirk Hayes said...

thanks, time for a rest from running and marathons especially.

Trent you had the game face going when you motored by me.

Trent said...

I was on a mission, Dirk. Of course, right after I passed you I had to climb a bunch of rolling hills, and that nearly did me in. It took about 3 miles to recover, and by then I was off goal. But I still had a good day. I think a sub-3 @ CMM is your next best bet!

Dirk Hayes said...

CMM won't happen for me. I'll probably get persuaded to train for another fall marathon. I'll need to help at one of the beer stations in the final mile or so of CMM.

Paula said...

I have been married to you far to long (26 years). You are not giving up running and Marathons. You enjoy running. Maybe just take a short break for awhile. But, you know you are not done with it.
I love you :):)you nut!!

Anonymous said...

Your first marathon is more than I have/will ever run, and I'm the same old man's son. Good job finishing. God bless you and yours. Kevin

Anonymous said...

If you have to wear those girly things on your legs, you might want to quit. Kevin

Dylan Hayes said...

your a wimp i bet i could run marathon,Dylan Hayes