Wednesday, February 8, 2012

11 Random Things

Saddened to hear of the passing of David Hall of Lighting 100

Got tagged by Lisa, so here we go. Usually don't do this kind of stuff. Started this response a week ago and still haven't finished it. I'll just throw it out at my stopping point and leave it at that.

Here are the Rules.

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11 Random things about me.

  1. Lisa's blog got me started blogging a couple of years ago.
  2. I'm an Air Force brat. Dad was a Major in the Air Force. I was in the Army Reserve for 6 years, enlisted.
  3. First car was a 1965 Ford Fairlane
  4. I owned a motorcycle for a few years, before I got tired of riding in the cold. It was Kawasaki 750.
  5. I've dabbled in stained glass, water colors and photography.
  6. No way I'm giving up my beer or meat. No crazy diets for me.
  7. I take a multi-vitamin every day. Maybe it helps, maybe not.
  8. I'll be 50 years old this month. Now I do feel old.
  9. Fan of tattoo's.
  10. Only 5 pounds heavier than in High School, but an inch taller.
  11. Love old cars and motorcycles.

Here are my questions from Lisa.

1. How old were you when you started running?  26 years old. Quit smoking sometime in December after my last exam at MTSU and started running after that. All this 3 months before Darrell was born.

2. What motivated you to start running?  Dad was a runner. It was a good distraction from smoking.

3. Do you ever catch any flack from friends/family if you look at your running schedule before you say "Yes" to plans. (I have!)  Don't we all, at one time or another. Think its tolerated at different levels.

4. If $ were no problem, what race would you love to do, where & why? One of the big ultra's out west with the mountain views, climbs and descents. Leadville or Western States.

5. What is the biggest mistake you've ever done in a race? Really. I've blogged about all of the mistakes in marathons. Giving up, it's real easy to do. Tougher to muscle through bad patches in a race.

6. If you were told you had to choose between cake & ice cream OR running, which would you choose & why?  (I would choose running but I'd be depressed over no cake & ice cream for the rest of my life.) I can do without cake or ice cream. I'm a grumpy, old grouch if I don't run.

7. Which do you prefer, running in groups or alone? (I LOVE GROUPS, but sometimes being alone is so very welcomed!) For the last several years, it has been groups. Probably because the first several years were solo runs.

8. Which celebrity would you run with living or dead? Never thought about it and probably wouldn't even given the opportunity. Rather sit down and drink a beer.

9. If you've completed a marathon, how long do you typically wait to run again? The next morning. It makes a huge difference in the recovery.

10. Which seasons are your favorite & least favorite to run? (summer really sucks here!) Early fall, when the leaves are changing and falling, would be the favorite. Late winter is the least favorite, about this time of year, January-February.

11. What is your favorite sport to participate/watch other than track/running related sports? Football. I love to hate the Titans. When I was younger, it was the Colts, back when they were in Baltimore. The current version of the Colts, bleah.


Lisa said...

Happy February Birthday!!!
You are probably the fittest 50 yr old I know. :-)

Anonymous said...
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