Friday, September 18, 2009

23 + mile end o' round

Commute from hell this evening. Speedy calls me at 5:00 to tell me I-24 is basically closed down/backed up for 10 miles. So, being the smart guy, I think just continue down Murfreesboro road home. Wow, wrongo. Stopped before I even got to Briley Parkway after an hour on the road and probably not even 10 miles closer to home. Been down this road before and figured out it would be better to stop for awhile. Beer on the way home made the pit stop neccessary anyway, might as well get something to eat. Speedy called and suggested I-40 or why the hell didn't you go I-65. Well, for one I'm working downtown now, so I-65 wasn't really a consideration. To far out of the way. Called PJ and she says the web cams show I-24 moving at Hickory Hollow parkway. Cops at Micky D's say the interstate is going to be closed to at least 10 pm. Who to believe cops or the web cam? Continue down Murfreesboro road at a snails pace. Pass my first opportunity to get to I-40 at Briley Parkway and keep inching along. Beer I rented wants out, time to stop again. Cut thru the parking lot for Dell Computer, stop and relieve myself and get back to Murfreesboro road, right behind the same damn truck with the kayak's I was behind before the pee break. Sheeeeit. Finally make it to the parkway that cuts through to the airport and I-40. Sweet. No traffic. Just extra 23 miles to I-840 and then another 10 miles or so home. Jeez, 30 minute commute this morning is a 3 hour 45 minute epic going home. BLAHHHHHHH. Working downtown sucks.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Only three lanes of Interstate 24 eastbound near the Bell Road exit were open Friday afternoon after some construction blasting went awry.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation confirmed that blasting has been occurring daily in this area at 2 p.m., but something went wrong causing debris to land on the interstate.

At times, traffic was backed up for more than 10 miles.

Workers hoped to have the interstate fully reopened by 10 p.m. A state fire marshal was expected to investigate the blasting.


Jill said...

I wondered what happened. We got out early from downtown at 3p on Friday and everyone was saying 3hr commute home. Ridiculous.

I had no idea you were working downtown now either. And, yes, it does suck. I am at 4th and Church. Where are you??

We need to start a running grou downtown.

Anonymous said...

And that was from a few rocks on the road. What are you going to do when something really happens, and your at work in Nashville,PJ's working and D & D are in scholl and or working.Think/talk about it now. People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan. Think W.W.W.F. nand the last one is food. K