Monday, September 28, 2009

11 weeks until the Rocket City Marathon

Training for the sub 3:00 attempt hasn't been going well. I've bailed on the last 2, 20 mile runs. Never really even started with the intent of going that far. The heat and humidity were the biggest excuse. Welcome break in the weather this week should allow for the first 20 miler in 3 weeks. The speed and hill workouts have been going ok. BQ1 has joined me for a few of those workouts. Marathon pace isn't coming easily yet, but it took awhile last cycle.

Biggest disappointment this cycle is the mileage. I've targeted 80 miles per week. It's only happened once. The lack of the 20 miler, only gives me around 74 miles for the week. That's about what I was averaging on the last training cycle. To step it up a notch, I'm going to either need to start hitting the 20 milers every week or start to double twice a week. The double is tough, I've only managed to do that once or twice ever.

Damn near let the running streak go on Saturday.(but needed the mileage) Slept in and the the rain had already set in for the day. I wasn't about to go out for another run in the rain, the 3rd for the week. Ended up waiting until the rain had passed through completely and got the run in around 2:00 in the afternoon. Little warmer than I'm used to running and not as much down time till the run the next morning. Seemed to affect the last couple of miles of the next days long run. It was a death slog home.

Hate that I'm going to miss everyone running the Murfreesboro Half marathon. I was looking forward to riding around the course on the bike. Family getaway in the mountains instead. I'll need to get my long run done before we leave for the weekend. Probably end up doing it on Friday morning.

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