Saturday, December 5, 2009

dusting of snow

Don't pay any attention to the weather forecasts here in middle Tennessee, because the weather folks can' t ever seem to get it right in regards to snowfall. Awoke this morning to slight dusting of snow on the grass and deck. Roadways were clear. Perfect weather for a run in the snow, the greeway should be clear and light dusting of snow on everything else.

Jumped in the car and drove the 4 miles to the trailhead. But, not before passing a car that had jumped the guardrail and was stuck on it. Guess they didn't realize the bridges were ice covered and it's not a good idea to brake when you make that realization. DUH. The greenway was clear except the for the bridges which were snow covered with a whopping quarter inch of snow. Biggie deal right? Still, the entire hour or so I was out running I could hear the sirens coming and going, wrecks all over town. Jeez. I don't know which is worse the city for not salting the overpasses or at least throwing down some sand. The cops know where all of the slick spots are located. On the way home, the same bridge where I saw the first accident, now had a 3 car rear end collision on one end of the bridge and another 2 cars on the other end.

Come on people. I know its not hard to drive on ice. Sad thing is getting caught up in an accident because of some other idiot. That was probably the case with 5 of the cars in the one accident. One person going to fast, and taking out everyone else. Or even worse the person that feels the need to drive at 5 miles per hour because they're so freaked out. These people just need to stay home. On days like today the ice is usually gone by 9 am or so, once the sun starts shining on it.

Hard to get to excited by such a little snow fall. Not even enough for the kids to play in, but the dogs did enjoy running around in it. Sad that it also causes a portion of the interstate to be closed down and a gajillion wrecks. Hopefully, no one was hurt. Don't know whose more to blame, the crazy drivers, the state, city, police, sheriff's or state troopers.