Wednesday, December 2, 2009

End of the year

December already and before you know it the year is going to be over. Time to reflect on 2009 and set some goals for 2010. Don't guess I really made a list of goals for 2009, like I did in 2008. Least not that I put down in writing. Biggest achievement in 2009 was the 3:05 marathon PR at the Flying Pig Marathon. Also, set a PR in the half marathon of 1:27.

Still haven't been able to race the RC Cola Moon Pie race to my potential. One of these days I want to run a sub 3:00 marathon, that'll probably have to happen before I hit 50. It sure isn't getting any easier. Convinced that high mileage is the key to faster races. Million dollar question is how much mileage is to much or what other factors do I need to monitor to stay injury free. I had a pretty good streak of no injuries up until this fall.

So, just need to slowly build the base back up. Should be ready to start some kind of training cycle for either a fast 5k or maybe marathon for the April/May time frame. Ideally, the marathon training cycle I used for the Pig would work with some 5k type of training mixed in, if that's the direction I chose or a marathon. Decisions, decisions.

The 4th annual Dirks' Fat Ass 50k is on for January 1. As in the prior years, this is a unofficial race. No t-shirt, no entry fees, no marked course, no course monitors. Just a bunch of like minded runners out for 50k for the hardy or maybe one loop for 10 miles or 2 loops for 20 miles or whatever distance suits your fancy for the first day of the new year. I'll have water, gatorade, and some kind of warm, salty food.


Chris said...

hummm, pondering.... could take it all the way to Cason Lane now and add an extra 7 or 8 miles on the loop. I'll let you figure it out. :)

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