Thursday, May 13, 2010


Queen of the house

Haven't updated the blog in quite some time. Not that I don't have anything to say. Plenty on my mind, but this is predominately a running blog. Sure don't want to weigh it down with my current situation. (though the guys I run with do get the benefit/drudgery of listening to my whining) But, it's easy to see how things can change one's perspective. Take all of the recent flooding in the middle Tennessee area. Incredible, loss of life, home, livelihood, and even sense of well being.

Training has been stuck in a rut lately. Felt like I had a hernia since late last year. Still haven't figured out what's going on. Been to the doctor twice and ruled out a hernia. Speed workouts have almost been stuck in third or fourth gear. Just can't seem to upshift to that final gear.

Went to the golf course this morning and it felt good to be on the grass. Time to put that back in to the training mix. I'll have to do those workouts by myself. Just seems better slogging along really slow and not risk stepping in a hole, until the sun comes up. Then it feels great to open up the stride, somewhat and push the pace slightly. Still slow enough to be a recovery run.

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