Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moon Pie

BQ1 has started a program for a fast 10 miles at the RC Cola Moon Pie race in June. I've always wanted to run this one fast, but it's never happened. Jeeeez, can't even manage half marathon pace. The heat is what seem to get me. The little hill at mile 4 isn't that big of deal. Last year we ran faster the week before when it was cooler in training than on race day a week later.

I'm doing my own training for this one. Little speed work in the heat once a week with EB and a second speed workout later in the week. Trying to keep the long run around 14 to 16 miles to keep the endurance up.

Training this year just doesn't seem to be going right. I can hit the targets, but come race day it isn't happening. My mental toughness seems to have slipped. I just can't seem to keep the pace going. Don't know the answer. Speedy suggested another time trial. Perhaps. That seems to be what turned the corner when I finally did get a sub 19:00 5k. A couple more weeks of training and the Wich brothers should have enough speed training to make this happen. It would be a good test for all of us. Then once more before the target race.

Thought marathon training was the answer, so I started another running streak in January. Stopped it last week, at around 82 days or so. Took 2 days off. More miles seems to work the best for me, but it isn't working this year. Perhaps its' the lightweight trainers I've been using. I do alternate a beefier shoe every other run. Barefoot sure as hell isn't the answer. BUT, I do think the form drills are definitely helping, though that is what tweaked my glut/piriformis. It's been sore for at least 3 or 4 weeks.

Maybe it's just age. Damn near 50 years old. Frustrating, plus I'm still looking for a job.

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Kevin Mastaw said...

I thoroughly enjoy your posts, Old Man! Hope to see you at the races. Regards, Kevin