Sunday, August 15, 2010


Starting back yet again. This will be about the second week of the ease back after my plantar continues to annoy me. Went for my longest run in quite some time, 9 miles. What a set back, wasn't so long ago that 8 miles was the daily run. Still, happy with the 9 miles. Started out with just a couple of the fellas this morning. Only good for about 3 miles before I needed to slow down and they needed to speed up. Damn, be glad when the grove is back completely.

It isn't only the comeback from the plantar, the heat has been stifling lately. Wasn't so bad this morning, actually a little cooler around 74 degrees. Still, to warm for me, I took a succeed cap before I started and another after 45 minutes. That, must have been the difference maker, actually felt really good after I finished. Probably could have run some more, but still easing back.

Tried a couple of different beers over the last week. (litttle bit of money fell my way) Otherwise, I can't justify paying $12 for a bomber of beer. That's only 22 ounces, roughly a pint or glass and a half of beer. Much happier spending $9 for a six pack of Hop Devil. That's some good beer. All relative, some like it hoppy, some don't. Anyway, we bought a bomber of Delirium Tremens, a bomber of Stone Ruination, a bomber of Schlafly Tripel, a six pack of Caldera IPA and a six pack of Victory HopDevil Ale. Sixty bucks worth of beer, damn could have bought a keg. But, it's all about trying something different.

First off the delirium tremens. A belgian strong pale pale, 8% ABV. It was ok, at best. To fruity tasting for a pale ale. Definately taste the alcohol. The Belgian mystic must be something I'm missing. These beers are ok, but not worth the extra cash. This is one stlye of beer that I think I'm going to stop trying all together. Almost wine like, in the fruity taste and sweetness. Plus, what a waste with the foil, wire cage and champagne cork. Marketing overkill. Doubt I can reuse that bottle with any of my homebrews, unless I get another cage and cork.

The Schlafly Tripel wasn't much better. Really the only reason I picked it was because it was in a bomber. Rather be out only a bomber of something I don't like versus a six pack. Plus, the IPA from Schlafly was really good. Won't be buying this one again either. I'm not really familiar with the tripel style. It was a decent enough beer, just doesn't justify the price premium.

Don't get me wrong, both of the previous beers were good. Just not something that would get me to pay a premium to bring them home, versus a sixer of say the Hop Devil. Damn, that's some good beer. They had it discounted to $8.99 a sixer. Love this stuff. Guess, not everyone is a fan of the hops. Sadly, I've heard one of the big beer makers bragging about all of the hops in their beers. Come on, don't believe the hype people. Yuck, they're the one's that make the Lime beer. BLAH.

The Stone Ruination is a very good beer. But, it's priced to high. Come on, $6 for a 22 ounce bomber. This is a beer I'd buy every day, if it were in the same price point as the Hop Devil or Caldera IPA. Do they even sell a six pack of any Stone product for distribution outside of California? Hate to say it, I've fallen for the media hype, shit I've got an Arrogant Bastard bike jersey, another good beer. Perhaps they've figured out the ideal distribution and product output to maximize profit. Bully for them. Good beer, just a touch to pricey to buy regularly.

On to the good stuff, Caldera IPA. $11 for a six pack of beer in a can that isn't better than 6% ABV. What the hell? Yet, this is the one over priced beer that I continue to buy. Love this stuff. It's a great hoppy beer, if that's what you like. This is the style of beer that I plan to try and duplicate the next time out with the home brew. Will be really hard to get that much hop at the same price point.

Finally, the Hop Devil. Yummy. Probably, should go back and buy a another couple of sixers of this stuff. Perhaps, it's only being discounted because its only 6.7% ABV. That's pretty low compared to the other high ABV stuff in the liquor store. That may also, be part of the problem with the distribution of beer in Tennessee in general. The stupid law that makes it illegal to sell beer of greater than 6% ABV, except in a liquor store. That's the reason for the beer store next door to the liquor store.

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