Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Freight train, really?

The plantar seems to be in remission for the last couple of runs. Thank goodness. I've been running pretty hit or miss lately, plus trying to get out on the bike, just to keep my trim figure. Didn't realize I'd lost so much fitness. I knew everything was a little bit more effort, but it wasn't until the other morning when the fast guys pointed out how hard I was breathing. Reality check. Use to be I could keep up with these guys on their slow days.

I've decided to slog on the easy days and use some threshold runs once a week for the next 10 weeks to build back up my base. I'd like to be ready to jump into a marathon training program in early December and target another attempt at a fast spring marathon. Fast for me being a sub 3:00 marathon.

One great thing about keeping a log, is the ability to go back to the beginning of a training cycle and see the level of the workouts. This really helps to ease the angst/displeasure/loath of running a 25 minute threshold run this morning at a 7:14 pace. (the beginning of the last cycle it was closer to a 7:05 pace for the same amount of time and heart rate.) Nice to know that the pace will gradually come down in the next several weeks, as the time spent running increases.

I've got lots of work to do in the next 10 weeks to increase the weekly mileage to at least around 35-40 miles. Plus, I'd like to get the long run up to about 13 miles. I haven't run farther than 10 miles, since the RC Cola Moon Pie race.

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