Saturday, December 4, 2010


Monster mile week for me, 75 miles. Mid 70's again next week and then cycle down a week in the mid 60's. Training has been going really well. Other than the fact that I can't read a training schedule. Last weeks long run ended up being 19 miles with 2 miles worth of fast finish. Hadn't planned on the 19 miles, really only wanted 18 miles. But, in order to get my miles, I started earlier than everyone else and ran the route they were running. It was a 14 mile loop, instead of the 11 mile loop. No big deal, that's why I like running out in the country from that point a couple of different loops of varying lengths and lots of hills. Nothing like Percy Warner Park, but hilly none the less.

Way to earlier in the schedule to be doing the fast finish stuff. The Fastwich decided to pick it up coming off the last hill of the day and I went with him. Actually felt good to click into marathon pace. Did decide to only do 2 miles worth and then slog the last 2 miles home. Still, great feeling for that first long run to have enough energy for some fast finish. Those workouts really helped on my last marathon.

Guess I'm just feeling really strong right now with the increase in miles. Watching the workouts that the Fast Master is doing in his prep, almost has me feeling unprepared. Probably why I got sucked into doing a couple of miles of fast finish.

Running streak is still going, but I'm willing to let it end at any time. The coming week will be a real test with some of the lows predicted to be in the low teens. Ten degrees is about the lowest I'm comfortable running. Only downside to taking a day off is going to be trying to get the miles where they need to be.

Watched the Rudolph Run go by twice in front of our vantage point at BB Kings. (great live music) Interesting to watch the different foot strikes and running styles among the front runners. What was really baffling was how much the bare foot runners foot slapped the ground. He was up towards the front and running about a 6:20 or 6:30 pace. The way he ran almost reminded me of the Fred Flintstone character. Hard to believe he was going at that pace. Not that its quick or anything, that's the pace I ran last weekend at the Boro Dash.


Jeff said...

Hey Dirk,

Nice running. Keep up the Monster work.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

thanks Jeff, tough part for me is going to be getting 80 miles without doubling.

Jeff said...

80 is sort of the cut off for doubling volume. I don't know anyone who runs 80+ mpw who doesn't double at least sometimes.

The mileage is the easy part; it's fitting it into the rest of your life that's tougher.

In my opinion, when you bump miles, it's best to bump and then sit there for a bit, maybe 3 months or so, let your body adjust.

At any rate, there's nothing magic about 80mpw. 70-75 is really good volume, especially if you are getting it in singles.