Saturday, December 11, 2010


Seeing how much of a difference it makes to have some rest and recovery. First off the rest. Big difference between my normal 7 or so hours of sleep and one extra hour. Wow. That's one of the reasons I like to run on my own at least twice a week. Sleeping in that extra hour or so. The other reason for the saturday solo run is to try and soak up a little bit of sunshine. Another big plus, is to be able to run my pace either nice and slow the whole time or whatever I feel like.

On the recovery side, I hadn't really thought about the extra hours a morning versus afternoon workout would yield. Sleeping in and then running in the afternoon, almost gives 36 hours worth of recovery from the previous days workout. Then on the flip side is the next morning workout is done within 12 hours, so almost the same as a double. Doubt very seriously I'll be getting any doubles. I could see the benefit to shake out a hard morning workout with a double in the evening, but the odds of that actually happening are slim to none.

This week is going to be a down week, mileage wise. Only looking for mid 60's or so. Progression run tomorrow instead of the typical long run. These workouts always seem tough for me, especially at this point in the cycle. Still 12 weeks, so lots more improvement in fitness to come. Plus, hope to some of the fellas out to pull me along and keep me company. Sure makes the miles go by quicker.

The running streak is still intact. Think its 33 days or so. Next few days may be tough with the threat of snow and some cold weather. Sure don't want to get out and try and run on any ice. Snow, no problem just slow down and enjoy the day. Ice, I'll wait until it melts or worst case skip the day or run on the dreadmill. Rather skip a day than jump on the dreadmill.

Think I'm going to take Jeff's advice and just stick in the 70's mileage wise. Could get into the 80's, but doubt that little bump is what's going to make or break my next marathon effort. Biggest thing is getting the miles in without getting hurt and getting most of the quality stuff done.

The minute on/off workout this week was a little tougher than it should have been. Guess I went out a tad to quick for the first set of 5, the next set was a little tougher and the last set were really work. Actually was kinda fun, I started out with the Wich brothers. They did their workout and I did mine. Just about every time I'd catch them, the minute was up and time to recover.

On the other hand the hill workout on Wednesday actually wasn't that bad. Looking back at some of the runs we did last year in the cold/rain, it was actually almost pleasant running in the mid 30's. Almost like a heat wave in comparison to the 15 degree run with the fast master this same week. What a difference 10 degrees can make. Especially if the wind is involved. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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