Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Set up to fail

Pretty disgusted with my speed workout this morning. Felt good for the first mile. I wanted to go 3 to 5 miles at tempo pace. G is going to race this weekend and only wanted to go a mile with me. Seems like I started to struggle to maintain pace after he peeled off. By the end of the second mile, I stopped to recover. Seemed like way to much work. But looking back at the splits afterwards, I hit the numbers I wanted. Should have toughed out one more mile. Instead, I did a little recovery and attempted another 2 miles of tempo. Stopped after a half mile. I couldn't get up to speed. Blah.

Couple of things come to mind that may have affected my lack of concentration. I decided that I was going to cut back on my coffee consumption. Yesterday was day 2 of only the morning cup of coffee versus the additional cup when I got to the office and then another in the afternoon. The first day I was only kinda grumpy in the afternoon. Day 2, I got a headache in the afternoon. The biggest surprise was lying in bed for over an hour trying to get to sleep instead of just dozing off like I usually do. The thought behind the cut back to only one cup of coffee was so the caffeine powergel would have more kick in the latter stage of the marathon. Plus, reading about carb loading, the diuretic effect of coffee is something to avoid in the carb loading phase.

First thing I noticed this morning when I went to the bathroom was my day glow yellow pee. Uh, oh classic sign of dehydration. Need to make sure I drink some water before heading out for my speed workout this morning. Didn't happen. Actually went out the door without my water bottle. Just a little to rushed this morning because of a spam email that was sent from my email address. I had 98 email messages this morning in response to "my email". But, I didn't send it. It was one of those I get from time to time from someone you know, but it contains a link to some website. I always just delete those.

Bottom line, I caved on mile 2. Guess, I need to race a little bit more to get my edge back. One good thing I noticed was lower my resting heart rate. Last cycle it was 42, this morning it was 38.

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