Sunday, March 13, 2011


Back to the training, well at least running anyway. After the DNF last Saturday, I skipped Sundays run. Did start back again on Monday. Lots of slow miles, until Friday's 45 minute marathon pace run with the Wich brothers which went pretty well. After deciding to make another sub 3:00 attempt at the Greenway Marathon on March 27th, its right back into training mode.

This mornings workout should have been a 18 mile run with 8 miles of fast finish. Half the guys wanted to start at 7 am, I wanted to start at 6 am. Surprisingly, the fast master was willing to go at 6 am as well. Hard to believe he's actually out running 14 miles a week out from running a fast marathon. He raced with compression socks and believes like I do that they tremendously aid in recovery, post long run and speed workouts. (have mine on as I'm typing) I started a little early to get 4 miles, but only able to get 3.5 done before 6 am.

Fastest mile this morning was the race back to the car to meet the fast master during my warmup. Kinda nice that he was willing to slog along with me this morning. He had ridden the bike the day before so that may have been part of it. Plus, still only a week out from a hard marathon effort the legs still have to have a little fatigue. Pretty darn cold out this morning for what I thought we'd have. When I checked the weather, I saw 48 degrees. After sunup, I was thinking mid 50's. Well, with the time change, we didn't get to 50 degrees until maybe the last 2 miles home. It was a cool 42 degrees to start, I even wore my gloves. So ready for the cold to be gone.

I decided before even starting this mornings run, that I was not going to attempt the fast finish. Number one this course starts and finishes with pretty long climb. Plus, the course is rolling the entire way. I figured the hills would be enough of a workout without trying to do any kind of pace work. Worked out well, nice to be able to get a long run in without beating myself up with a workout. We met the other guys on the bottom of Wilson hill, they had just come off the hill with 11 more miles to go. We only had 3 miles home, and it looked like the rain was starting to roll in.

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