Monday, September 26, 2011

fall and allergies

Really thought the allergy thing was mainly spring and summer for me. Didn't realize how many different wild flowers bloomed in the early fall. Counted nine different wild flowers along the greenway on last Saturdays easy run. I had some chest congestion last week that must have been from allergies. Nothing to really slow me down. The sneezing fits are annoying, but they don't last. Sure isn't anything that would stop me from running. Really thought the running helped with the allergies, more than it aggravated. Nothing compared to having to race with a mask because of allergies. Sure didn't slow him down any. Galen Rupp, 10,000 meters American record holder.

Eleven weeks out from Rocket City. 72 miles total for the week after yesterdays long run. This was the first week of 70 miles this cycle. Second time this cycle I've done the long run without a gel/gu during the run. Only succeed about every hour and water. Helps that the temperatures are below 70 during these runs. Soaked in the hot tub after the long run and then put on the zensa calf sleeves for a couple of hours. That really helps to keep the calves from tightening up and recover from the workout.

Trying to decide if I should go to Nashville next weekend and run the Music City Half Marathon with the W brothers. Hate to pay for a long run and don't want to race. The schedule calls for 18 miles easy. The guys will be racing and should be in shape to crush their half PR's. The timing is about 4 weeks to early in my training cycle to race it. I'm probably ready to run half that distance at my half marathon PR pace. It's a sunday race, saturday is the Shelby Bottoms Boogie. It's a 15k and a 5k. I've done that 15k in the past. It'll be on the same course as the half marathon, the greenway in Nashville along the Cumberland river. Same course as the Tom King half marathon. Not exactly, but close enough, still the same boring greenway.

I set my half marathon PR at the Tom King half marathon. I've run 1:27 there and in Memphis. Don't really want to race another half marathon until I'm in shape to try and break 1:26. That should be in a about four more weeks. Only thing going for the Music City Half marathon is the Blackstone beer afterwards. Then again, the following weekend is the Octoberfest 5k, with Spaten beer. Last year it was Paulaner. Yummmm, beer. Not enough races in the middle Tennessee area with beer afterwards. Hate to not make it to at least one of them.