Sunday, September 4, 2011


Went out yesterday to watch the Chikin 10k here in Murfreesboro. I was excited when this race started in 2009. This year the turnout has dropped,slightly. Have to think its because of the decision to make everyone a winner. Really though, that should have increased the overall turnout. Very odd. Maybe it was the heat? Race day entry was $40. But, early registration was only $25. That's a heck of a deal for a form fitting, gender specific technical shirt. This years shirt was the best yet. The 2009 shirt was the gaudiest shirt I've ever received from a race. The only thing going for it, is that its a technical t-shirt. The 2010 shirt fit better and didn't have the crappy design.

The reason I didn't run it this year was because they didn't have age group awards. The last two years, the top two spots in each age group, won a years worth of sandwich's. This year every 25th runner across the line gets that award. Cash to the overall top 3 runners. No way, I placing in the top three. I couldn't tell if they did anything for the masters runners, but that would have been a long shot anyway.

Still can't figure out why this 10k can't get more runners. First year, about 580 runners. 2010 about 550 runners and this year the number of finishers was 493. Perhaps the warm weather kept some runners from toeing the line. (paid, but didn't race. they did have an option to get a shirt without racing) It was warm and sunny, maybe 75 degrees to start. Not ideal conditions for racing a personal best. Great weather for the spectators and the race supports Alive Hospice.

Perhaps it's the course? The start and finish are on the new greenway, pretty narrow for more than 500 runners. They did reverse the start this year and change the course slightly. Though it still has a portion of the course that is run on grass. The portion through the Stones River Battlefield is one of my favorite places to run in Murfreesboro.

Maybe its the date? It's a Saturday race, that shouldn't be a problem. But, it is on a holiday weekend. Monday is Labor day. There is another race in Nashville on Monday. It draws about 900 runners for the 10k and 900 for the 5k, at least over the last 3 years. That race has been going for several years. I ran it one time and won't be back because the lead vehicle took a wrong turn. I'm pretty sure that only leaves one other 10k in the middle Tennessee area. It's a great distance to run, but to early in my fall marathon training for any of the current races. Looking through this thread on the Nashville Striders site. It does appear that several new 10k's will be run this fall. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...............


Jill said...

Are they posting results anywhere? I would love to see who even participated.

I think the reason the number is down because they are competing with the franklin classic, it is labor day weekend and a big college football day.

They should consider moving the race to a different weekend - like what about the weekend of the 9-10th? I love 10ks, but not interested in running one anytime soon on Labor Day weekend.

Ok, let me know if you know where results are...their website is sort of lame.

Anonymous said...

Chickin Results:

Don Mouledoux said...

I didn't run because they changed the rule for who gets the year's worth of free chicken from Chik Fil A. I have noticed that Fleet Feet caters to the newby, beginner runner versus the veteran, faster runner. Hence, the change in who won the chicken (every 25th runner versus age group winners).