Friday, December 23, 2011

handcuffs behind Gentleman Jim's

That's no place to be 2 days before Christmas. That's not exactly what I was thinking when I saw the dude in cuffs surrounded by the 'boro's finest. Well, at least 3 squad cars worth. I was more worried they'd be wondering why I was running into the adjacent park. (it's a prime poop spot, just went all the way in the back, so I would know if they did notice me.) Wonder if he'll make the bizarro news? "A female employee of a local tattoo shop accidentally shot herself in the calf Thursday when she began to wipe a water ring off her desk and knocked a gun onto the floor, causing it to discharge."

The holiday season is in full stride. Didn't gain any weight over thanksgiving, but have managed to put on 3 pounds in the last week. It's the combination of fewer miles and lots more sweet foods. Not about to give up on any of the sweets. I'll burn all of this off on January 1 in the Fat Ass 50k. I've been practicing my ultra shuffle the last couple of runs.

Started looking at miles run for the year. Right now I'm at 2,482 miles with one more week to go. edit to add (I ended the year with 2,533 miles). Only biked for 365 miles. Most of that was after I broke my collarbone in May. About the same mileage as last years, 2,409. Most ever is still the year of the Pig in 2009 with 2,749.

Ran past the rubble of the old Murfreesboro hospital this morning. Such a shame that hardly any buildings from the 1800's are still standing. (the hospital was built in 1927) Even more disgusting is the demolition of a civil war era building for "spec" building space. Someone must have to much money if they can continue to build strip mall space when other spaces have been vacant for years.

Won't be able to make the "fun run" next thursday. Sadly, Murfreesboro doesn't seem to realize that 80% of the workforce commutes to Nashville every day. They can't make it back to town by 5:30, they'll still be stuck in traffic. At least they've got the trails and continue to build more. Maybe I can get someone to take Dylan, that's great stuff for the kids.

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