Friday, December 30, 2011

6 months of wind

Hate running in the wind. Even this morning, first couple of miles were into the wind. It was a warm 44 degrees compared to yesterday's 28 degrees. Still it felt colder for the first mile or so, because of the freakin' wind. Don't know why suddenly the wind is such a big deal. Jeez, when I lived in Texas the wind blew all of the time. Don't remember it being such a nuisance.

Somewhere in the last couple of days, the running streak hit 6 months. Still going. That's about the only running related victory for the year. Every year most of the message boards have a thread about running accomplishments or PR's. Nothing for me. I've run a 50k, a few marathons, a couple of half marathons. Lucky to not have any running related injuries this year. No plans to let the streak end any time soon. Though the toughest running months of the year are coming up. January and February are usually the coldest months of the year.

Dylan ran last night in the fun run the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation department sponsored. They had a pretty decent turnout, maybe 60 people. Good to see in Murfreesboro. I walked around in the opposite direction, hoping to run into Paula and her Dad, but missed them somehow. They took the inner loop around the pond. Surprised they haven't finished paving the road or making a parking lot.

Next race for Dylan will be the Zoo run. I'm running as well, but it won't be fast. Not enough time to squeeze in enough speed work in the next 3 weeks. Should still be a little bit of fitness from the marathon build up. The Fat Ass 50k, this Sunday shouldn't be more than a long training run. Only goal is to finish in less than 5 hours.

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