Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To long

Didn't realize it's been almost 3 years to the date, since I've been out to the trails at Percy Warner Park. Got off work an hour early to meet EB. Trails seem more worn, but just like I remembered them. Single track that either climbs up a hill or back down the other side. Few spots on the tops of ridges that are somewhat level, but very few.

Uploaded the run into Strava, because the elevation shows up better than the Garmin software. Not very many runners use Strava. Like it for the bike, but prefer Running2win for logging my runs. Another really good site for logging runs is RunningAhead, great forum.

Love running on the trails. Awesome stuff. Now just need to get out there once a week. Had my ass kicked by the trail and EB. Good times.

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