Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back out to Percy Warner Park

Ran the 11.2 plus Luke Lea this morning. Looked like a really crappy day for a run. Lot's of rain on the drive into Nashville from Murfreesboro. When we pulled in to the park, only 3 other cars where in the drive. Very odd, must have been the holiday weekend and the early morning rain. The rain let up about the time EB and I started running. I haven't run the  11.2 since January. Thankfully, it didn't rain much during our run and cooled it off considerably from the heat of the previous day. Usually the first trip back is a sufferfest. The bike rides over the last couple of months must have made me stronger on the hills. I wasn't as out of breath, but no speed.
Both of these screen shots are from Strava. The top is the 11.2 and Luke Lea. The first highlighted green segment is 3 mile hill and the second one is 9 mile hill. The third is Luke Lea. (no big deal right?) Only two real climbs for the entire loop. This description is better than anything I can write. Today's trip didn't disappoint, lots of wildlife and almost zero humans. Big plus was a owl in flight directly in front of us across the roadway.

The bottom elevation is the white and red trails from the Stone Gates at Belle Meade Boulevard. That route seems tougher to me than the 11.2, steeper climbs anyway and the keep on coming. Running on the trail just seems tougher than the road. You have to keep your eyes on the ground, so you don't trip. Even then, its not a guarantee. Lots of near falls every time I'm on the trail.

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