Sunday, September 23, 2012

fall is in the air

Another cool morning for the long run. 18 miles this time, longest of the cycle so far. Right around 49 degrees for my 3 mile solo run before the guys showed up. Clear skies and no wind. Great running weather. Probably never got over 51 degrees before we finished. The guys were doing 5 miles worth of fast finish. I only was able to keep up with them for the first 3 miles before they picked it up and I slowed down.

BQ1 mapped out a 15 mile route that was part of the HOT 100 route.Nice rolling course with no hills that come close to those at Percy Warner Park. Great course to get a good rhythm without having to struggle up any killer hills. Nice to have a different route. Easy pace for my solo effort and for the first 3 miles with the guys. They picked it up and I slowed to around 8:00 pace.

I carried a handheld bottle for my water. I also carried a gel and some succeed, but didn't plan on taking them unless needed. Felt pretty good at my pace and really only slowed for the last 3 miles. Not the usual slog slowdown, but enough to bring the overall pace down to 8:17 overall. Better than the 16 miler two weeks ago.

Lots of deer out this morning. Also had a horse that ran parallel to the guys through two fields which was pretty cool to watch from my vantage point about 20 yards back. Big black horse, came racing back towards me after finishing running with the guys. Farmer just down the road had a lots of donkeys and one baby. Great morning for a run in the country. Also nice that the starting point for all of these routes is only 8 miles from the house.

Finished out the week with 52 miles on six days of running. Almost hate to take a day off. May not, but no plans for a streak. That would just be stupid. Pretty sure I'm done with the bike for the year. Haven't ridden it in two weeks. The days are just to short and I don't like riding in the dark.

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Lisa said...

It was definitely cooler this morning than it was yesterday. I pray it stays!