Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good week

Finished the week with 68 miles. Mostly because of the 20 miles from the 7th Fat Ass. Wanted to go the distance, but my ankle didn't. We had 28 starters and 8 going the distance. Very pleased with the turnout, especially considering the rain and my non-commitment to even have it this year. I didn't take any pictures, camera issues. There are some pictures out in social media land. (I'm not tech savy enough to link)

Long run this week was supposed to be 17 miles. BQ2 mapped out one of our bike routes, nice rolling hills. It was a great change of pace. Pretty happy with my 8:23 average pace. Still not quite where I need to be, but at least I'm able to hang longer with the fast guys. Also helped that I carried water and took a gel at 8 miles. Almost warm enough to wear shorts. Legs were almost to warm with tights, but glad to have them when the wind was in my face.

Didn't wear my calf sleeves during the long run, nor afterwards. Instead I tried my T.E.D. stockings, the full length ones, from toe to crotch. This was the first time I've used them. I wore them for 2-3 hours, under my pajama bottoms, lounging around. I think the purpose was accomplished, they aided in recovery from the long run. I'll be using them again after my long runs.

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