Thursday, January 3, 2013


Tallied up the miles I've run for 2012. Actually biked more than I ran. Bike miles 1,865 versus 1,845 running. Time for a little change up. Only reason I'd been on the bike so much was because of an injury. Pretty much from April until August was all bike. Eased back into running in July.

Best way for me to get in the miles is a running streak. Always though they were pretty dumb. I've had mixed success with the streaks, the longest being 232 days. I'm on day 13 this morning. Pretty easy to let the streak end, because its 24 degrees and I'll be running solo. Think I"ll change this streak up a little and only call it a streak if I run 6 miles or more. (or just leave it at 4 miles) One mile isn't worth walking out the door, and I'm not about to drive somewhere to jump on a treadmill. (though I may have to get used to that idea)

Weak link for me appears to be the metatarsals. I've got to figure how to make them endure. Barefoot running probably, but no thank you. Maybe drills, but shit I sprained my ankle doing them. Gotta come up with something.

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