Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 weeks till the pig

Today was the last 20 miler, did 22 miles at a 7:50 average pace. This run was much easier than the last 21 miler. Lot's of energy left at the end of the run. BQ1 was on hand for the second loop to help pull me through the last 11 miles. He's running the Country Music half marathon next week and looked strong chugging up the hills ahead of me. On Wednesday we did a 6 mile tempo workout that was very encouraging. We averaged 6:34 pace even with the hills and the wind. One more week of 100% mileage and then taper for 2 weeks.

Streak is still alive. Its at 55 days. I'll probably let it go in the last couple of days before the marathon. 4 miles is the number I've determined for runnng miles to keep the streak going. I usually only do 2 miles the day before the race.

Got some Zensah calf compression sleeves on Monday from the Fleet Feet in Murfreesboro. Krista emailed me to let me know they'd arrived at the store. I'd tried on some of the Swiftwick sleeves at the Fleet Feet in Brentwood. They didn't have my size. I've worn them on two runs. First time was for Wednesday's tempo workout when the temps were in the upper 30's. Usually tight weather, but these things worked alot better. Wore them again for this mornings long run. Again the temperature was a little cooler, 39 degrees to start. But, it warmed pretty quickly to low 40's by the time I was done. These things are great. Not as much compression as the old neoprene calf sleeve I use to wear. But, I really only wore one when one calf or shin was sore or tight. I really just bought these for recovery from the long runs. Started looking before the Tom King half marathon. Only negative so far is they make you look like a catholic school kid. I'm ok with that, I never really have given a rats ass what anyone thinks anyway. But, the biggest deal buster is this guys wears them. Oh well, they seem to work, so I'm sticking with them.

Jeff Galloway, ex-Olympian and king of the Gallowalk method to run a mediocre marathon.


Lisa said...

I was actually going to head down to Murf from Nashville friday around lunch to get those socks but so glad I didn't. I will be getting some though since my shins obviously hate me.

So glad you guys are ok and didn't suffer too much damage.

Anonymous said...

Praise God, all is well.55 days, great job,if it involves your feet, it's running.Heck, may as well see if you can run the rest of your life.You know me, I'm a little OCD.We are planning coming down to mom's on April 24, and leave on the 26th.God bless you.Kevin