Saturday, April 11, 2009

It was the big one

House in Indian Creek subdivision.

Amazing the power of a tornado. We rode through some of the hard hit areas yesterday evening and again today. Cleanup is going to take awhile. Paula's parents house is within a 100 yards of the path of the tornado in Blackman (Indinan Creak Subdivsion)Two houses in their subdividision where slammed together, with one ripped completely from the foundation and onto the other house. Across the street a car was picked up and slammed into the side of the house. No one was at home at either of those houses. We talked with one of the occupants and they'd gone to Nashville, but one of the kids had wanted to stay home, but went on in to Nashville instead.

The path of the tornado was straight towards our house, according to the graphic in the Daily News Journal. Looks like it took a little turn to the right before stopping about a mile down the road, at the corner of Penny Lane and Compton Road. We went for a run this morning in that area. That's where FM was on his run yesterday when the tornado hit. He heard the sirens going off at MTSU and got pelted by the hail coming up Compton road. He saw the tornado and a women yelled for him to come in out of the storm. That was one street over from Penny Lane. The DNJ had a story of a runner on the greenway who held on to a tree as the tornado passed overhead.

We lost power for about 28 hours, but no damage. Bill's TN Paradise, with some storm chasing and video of the touchdown.

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david said...

Glad you and your family are safe.