Monday, April 6, 2009

new dog

We've added another dog to the family. He's about 6 weeks old. He looks like a mix of Jack Russell terrier and a beagle. Just hope he doesn't grow any bigger than Lance. He's about half the size of Lance now, but stands his ground against him.

Looks like the crazy weather is about to change. Can't remember it ever snowing in April, freeze and frost, but not a snow. Least that's better than the thunder storms and winds that having been rolling through lately.

Rented a couple $1 movies from the "Red Box". One was some chick flick, Paula watched; the other was "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler. Not a fan of his particularly, most of his stuff is pretty ho hum. This one was from Disney and the special effects are about the only thing worthwhile in the movie. Glad I didn't drop $40 at the theater on it.

Marathon training for this cycle is about to start winding down. Two more weeks at 100% mileage and then two weeks of taper. Everyone headed to Boston is only two weeks out and starting to taper. Same with those doing the Country Music marathon here in Nashville. It's 3 weeks away. This will be the first time in the last 3 years I haven't either done the half or marathon at Country Music.

Attached pictures are from Darrell's birthday party and of the new dog. Paula and the boys brought him out to the See Spot Run 5k at MTSU on Sunday. I was helping to do the finish line results. Lots of dogs and the biggest turnout in the four years this race has been going. Couple of college girls where gooing over Dylan and the new dog. Dylan named him Bob, Paula wanted to name him Harley and Darrell wanted to name him Bruno. The girls convinced Dylan, Bob was the best name.


jacob c said...

Awww, puppy is so cute... any name yet?

Anonymous said...

Snowed Easter Sunday when I went to church with Bubba and his mom.Kevin

Jill said...

Cute puppy...I want one!! But, hubby says no. Sadness.

Yea, this is my first year in ages to not be at the CMM or 1/2 also. Bummer...looks like it may be perfect weather. Concentrating on tri stuff and a fall BQ.