Thursday, October 8, 2009


What would I have done differently? Well, the only thing that comes to mind is maybe not doing a long run the day after a race.(it was only 13.6 miles) I've hurt myself in the past that way. Or maybe not doing speedwork 3 days after the race? Or doing 74 miles for the week. Who knows. But, it appears I have a stress fracture in the 3rd metatarsal. New injury for me. Not a stress fracture but in that location. I've been running with some discomfort for the last couple of weeks, but didn't really think much of it. It wasn't until the last couple of workouts, where it took more than a day to recover from a simple workout that I knew something wasn't right.

Right now I haven't run since last Sunday. It seems like an eternity. The running streak ended at 229 days. Can't say that it contributed to the injury, but perhaps it did, or maybe it was the increase in mileage?

Being injured is frustrating. Especially, because I can't really pinpoint one particular action that caused the injury. Perhaps, its the culmination of several factors. Regardless, I don't know of much to do differently, other than ease back into training after a race. The race shouldn't have taken much out of me. It was only a 10k. Warmed up for a couple of miles. Ran hard but didn't really seem like a race effort, more of a hard tempo workout and then a couple of miles of cooldown.

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Oh, so very sorry to read this...