Thursday, October 29, 2009

Starting over

I've started back running. So far, its only been a couple runs for a couple of miles. Easing back slowly. The build up in endurance and speed is a long slow process. I hope to be in marathon shape come spring time. Just glad to be back running.

Thinking about Dad the other day on the way to work. Something about the bright sun and the orange, gold and red sugar maple leaves. Couldn't remember exactly what day he died. Went back and dug out the old daytimers. (pocket sized calendar, you wrote in with a pen or pencil). Single entry on October 30, 1990. "Dad passed away".

I've spoiled the dogs. During my recovery, I've been walking the dogs every morning. Not much, just about a mile. Probably pretty entertaining, to watch. The yorkie, Lance with his little short legs can't hardly keep up. Harley, must be a hunter; he pulls the whole way, like he's on the trail of something. Guess, I'll have to make extra time to squeeze those guys in for a walk, once I'm completely back to running every day.

Got one more ride in on my bike last weekend. Really enjoy the bike, but its such a pain to navigate the walkers, runners, dogs and kids on the greenway. Went home via the back streets. Only went 13 miles round trip, but the hamstrings were super tight the next day. It would be nice to get a good ride in the country before the leaves have fallen off the trees completely.


Bill Menees said...

Glad you're running again.

BTW, is my site.

Anonymous said...

Hi, did not know you used the daytimers also. I rarely use mine for personal records, though.Picked up a cool new toy, Kel tec sub 2000, check it on google videos,it mates well with my glock.K