Friday, October 16, 2009


Really feels like fall now. Let the dogs out this morning and got a blast of cold air in my face. Marathon season..................Week 2 of no running for me. The sleeping in only lasted the first week. Granted I'm not getting up at the 3:30 am, but only sleeping in until 5:30 am. Have to get my run fix by either: biking, weights or surfing the net.

Biking has only happened once. The rain has been the biggest obstacle. I'm not hard core enough of a bike rider to ride in the rain. Plus, about the only time to squeeze in a bike ride is right at dawn and then the window before work isn't very long. Could ride on the trainer, but hate to ruin a perfectly good tire on the trainer and it really sucks anyway.

Weights have always been a staple of my workout week anyway. I just seem to be neglecting lately. Easy enough to get at least two workouts in a week. Doubt it'll keep the beer gut away, but at least the arms won't get all jiggly. Need to do some more surfing to find out if beer really does affect the absorption of calcium. Stress fracture connection? Hmmmmm. I really hate to give up my beer. I have started to supplement more calcium, just in case.

Another good indication that fall has arrived, the Bell Buckle Web School craft festival is this weekend. Hope the rain is done by then.


Anonymous said...

Re: calcium. Read a recent Deena Kastor comment. She has quit caffeine and alcohol - not for any personal principle against, but because they're said to block calcium absorbtion. Given her past 2 years of broken foot bones she figures....


Chris said...

It's shaping up to be a cold, wet winter anyway, so drink your milk and get back out there.

btw - I'm volunteering for Monkey which is the week after Chickamauga, so maybe we'll see you there (I think I read where you might also vol. for it.)