Monday, November 9, 2009

back to back

Didn't plan to run this morning, but needed to break up the remaining congestion in my chest and head. Only went 3 miles, but that's the first back to back run in 5 or so weeks. Sinus infection or head cold is just about gone. Made me sound bad, but it wasn't really that big of deal.

Did an easy 7 miles with the fella's on Sunday. Nice day and I could actually keep up. (they weren't pushing it) Good to catch up, haven't run with them in quite awhile.

Last race timing job of the year on Saturday. It went really well. Beautiful day for a race. First race where the top three places were almost all female. Young high school boy was able to stay ahead of the number 2 and 3 females who weren't that far back. Pretty cool to be able to watch them coming home for about the final 1,200 meters or so. Good turnout for the first year of the race.

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