Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uh, oh

To far, to fast, to soon? 6.75 miles sunday, 3 miles yesterday and another 6 miles this morning. Felt a twinge in my foot around 4 miles, must not have been anything. Sheesh, hate treading water like this. Feel good, but still apprehensive. Coming back from an injury just blows.

Monkey marathon is less than 2 weeks away. Hope some of the leaves can wait, colors right now are pretty good. I've been assigned as a course monitor. Guess that means I'll be the guy pointing which way to go, somewhere out on the course. Maybe, I'll bring the megaphone and make a couple of signs to "motivate" the runners. Don't think I've ever been a spectator at a marathon. It will be cool to see everyone in action.

Need to throw some feelers out and see if anyone is interested in another Fat Ass 50k on New Years day. I haven't looked at the calendar yet, but which ever day I get off from work will be the day of the 50k. This would be number 4 or IV, or as a read somewhere IIII. (what the hell, someone decided to change Roman numerals which have been around forever) Evidently, IIII was used back in 1390.(politically correct attempt even way back then)

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